A Son’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day comes around the same time every year and, like clockwork, you may have procrastinated (again) and are not sure what to get her.

Coming up with a meaningful gift that your mom will actually use  is quite difficult sometimes. But rest assured, most men experience this every year, and that’s why we’ve decided to relieve the stress and make a guide for any son looking to impress his dear mom. These three easy guidelines will have your mother smitten with love and affection. 

The first two are below, but the third is so notable we gave it its own section. But more on that later!

I Love You, Mom

First, let’s remember, this day is about honoring your mom specifically, as well as celebrating all moms everywhere. In many cases, your mom is just looking to spend some time with you and get a quick reminder that you love her and that you’re still her little boy, no matter how old you are. It isn’t always about the gifts, but the gifts certainly will bring a smile to her face.

That is why the rest of our list will be full of gift ideas, but for the first part of our Mother’s Day guide, we want to remind you to show your mom some love on Mother’s Day. That will always be most important. It doesn’t take any money or traveling or very much time at all to let your mom know that you love her and appreciate her tireless efforts while raising you. If you don’t make the effort to reach out on Mother’s Day, you can count on breaking your mother’s heart and hearing about it the rest of the year. Yes, we went there.

Keep It Simple

This is your mom, not your fiancé or wife. There is no need to break the bank on gifts for your mother. You don’t need to punctuate your love for her with a high dollar amount. Loving your mom is a lot like Elmer’s glue — a little goes a long way. Simplicity is the trick when shopping on Mother’s Day, but you still have to know what she likes.

Is your mom a chocolate lover? Does she adore flowers? Or will she really just enjoy a bottle of wine? Maybe taking her out to eat for dinner or sending her to the spa for a few hours will be more appealing to her. Even if you’re running low on cash, you can always go clean her house or wash her car for her unexpectedly. If you don’t know your own mother well enough to make a decision on a simple gift idea, we’d suggest taking your mother to dinner or spending a few hours on the phone with her, because you’ve got some catching up to do.

Hopefully, you know enough about your mother to get her a simple gift that she will appreciate. Typically, you can never go wrong with something simple like chocolates or flowers. Here are a couple of options that you can have sent right to her door before it’s too late.


1. 1-800-FLOWERS Sweet Spring Lilies


Flowers are the OG of Mother’s Day gifts. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tulips to roses, but we’re a fan of lilies for this special day for moms. These star-shaped flowers are spring bloomers and are therefore fresh and in season for Mother’s Day. While you can find bouquets of lilies at pretty much any floral shop or online retailer this time of year, this 1-800-FLOWERS arrangement features three shades and comes in a cute milk jug vase.

mothers day gifts from son sweet spring lillies Image courtesy of 1800Flowers

1-800-FLOWERS Sweet Spring Lilies



2. Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Box


Flowers may be the OG, but chocolate is always appreciated, especially when it’s the Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Box. The fancy box contains 12 pieces and can be delivered straight to your mother’s door. She’ll get to enjoy fillings like rich sea salt, crunchy toasted nuts and chipotle. If your mom isn’t a fan of dark chocolate, Godiva also makes milk chocolate, white chocolate and variety packs.

mothers day gifts from son godiva chocolatier Image courtesy of Amazon

Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Box



3. Ballon Blanc Therapy Face Masks


Your mom may not be able to go to the actual spa this Mother’s Day (hopefully COVID will be a thing of the past by next May). But, you can bring the spa to her. Short of actually buying her a jacuzzi, these Ballon Blanc Therapy Face Masks might do the trick. The six-pack of masks includes a variety of serums, from egg whites to aloe, in order to accomplish a number of skincare benefits for aging skin. Pair these masks with some candles and bath bombs for a complete spa-themed Mother’s Day gift.

mothers day gifts from son ballon blanc therapy facial mask Image courtesy of Amazon

Ballon Blanc Therapy Face Masks

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4. Hess Select Monterey Chardonnay


If your mother loves nothing more than tucking into a quality bottle of wine, order her the Hess Select Monterey Chardonnay. This Californian white wine features tropical notes and a crisp acidity that pairs excellently with the improving weather of spring. The longer growing season of central California has allowed Hess to curate complex flavors in its range of wines. So, if your mom isn’t a fan of whites, check out one of their reds or roses.

mothers day gifts from son hess select monterey chardonnay Image courtesy of Drizly

Hess Select Monterey Chardonnay



5. Thornwolf Scented Candle Set


Luckily Mother’s Day falls in spring when the weather is warming up, and we can open the windows to enjoy some fresh air for the first time in months. Compliment that feeling by giving your mom this trio of scented candles on her special day. Fresh air combined with scents of lilac, raspberries and orchid will surely put your mother in a good mood and remind her that she’s loved every time she lights one of these candles. As an added bonus, the candles are presented in a simple yet stylish box that’s ideal for gift giving.

thornwolf scented candles Image courtesy of Amazon

Thornwolf Scented Candle Set



6. DoorDash Gift Card


One of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day simply is to take your mom out to dinner. However, that may not be possible this year thanks to COVID. The next best thing is to share a meal via Zoom, but don’t make her cook her own meal on Mother’s Day. Instead, give her this DoorDash Gift Card and let her order in for her special Sunday. You can choose from different amounts when ordering. The gift card will then be emailed directly to her, so if you’ve really procrastinated this year, a gift card might be the best gift.

doordash mothers day gifts from son gift cards Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Peperomia Obtusifolia


Flowers are great, but they do die after a week or so. If you want to give your mom something that will last a bit longer but carries the same sentiment, consider a potted plant. These are easier than ever to order online and have delivered, thanks to newish websites like The Sill. We love this Peperomia Obtusifolia, or “baby rubber plant,” with its spoon-shaped leaves and ever-green appearance. You can choose from two different planter styles, two sizes and five colors when ordering this gift for your mom.

mothers day gifts from son peperomia obtusifolia Image courtesy of The Sill

Peperomia Obtusifolia



8. Behave Gummy Bears


Believe it or not, some people don’t like or can’t eat chocolate. If your mom is one of those people, high-end candy, like the Behave Gummy Bears, could be a great alternative. These chef-created gummy bears feature both sour and sweet flavors, like lychee, passion fruit and raspberry. They are also better for you than traditional gummy bears with only one gram of sugar and 80 calories per pouch. This is a great treat for your mom this May, especially if she’s a fan of sweets.

mothers day gifts from son seriously good gummy bears Image courtesy of BEHAVE

Behave Gummy Bears



9. Harry & David Let’s Have a Picnic Gift


We know we said to keep things simple, but if you’re feeling like splurging a little on your dear mother this year, consider the Harry & David Let’s Have a Picnic Gift. This basket comes with a little bit of everything, from sausage to cheese and coffee cake to pasta salad mix. With this in the cupboard, your mom can either enjoy one all-out picnic or nibble on things over the next few weeks. She’ll be on a journey of discovery as she works her way through all these bits and pieces.

lets have a picnic gift harry david Image courtesy of Harry & David

Harry & David Let's Have a Picnic Gift



Make It Personal

If you have read the first two points and think you have those covered, then it’s time to make things personal. This is where you can really make an impact and tug at your mother’s heartstrings.

Reflect back to a memory you shared with your mom, whether it was recent or something that happened when you were a child. The goal is to bring back the raw emotion from that memory through a gift. Give her something to remember that day or moment with. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a photo. Go get a picture frame and print off the picture that will make her recall this moment. Then, pair it with the simple gift you’ve already chosen.

If you don’t have a photo to recall this event with, then a handwritten card will work just fine. It’s important that you be choosy with your words in this card, though. Write out a couple of drafts on scratch paper before you write with any permanence on the card. Every wordsmith needs a couple of drafts to perfect their message. Be thoughtful and clever and try to evoke emotion. If printing pictures or writing sentimental words seems too difficult, there are plenty of other customizable gifts you can get to make things personal. Check out some of our gift suggestions for photos, cards and customizable jewelry.


1. Wall26 Custom Canvas Wall Art


Like we said above, framing a photograph of you and your mom is one of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and bring special memories back to life. Taking this idea one step further, you could personalize your Mother’s Day gift by creating a piece of canvas wall art with your favorite photo. Wall26 allows you to print any photo on wrapped canvas in a variety of sizes. Keep in mind that this gift does require a little bit of work as you’ll need to ensure the digital copy of your photo is of high enough quality (over 75 DPI) and has enough blank space around the edges for the canvas to wrap.

wall26 custom canvas wall art Image courtesy of Amazon

Wall26 Custom Canvas Wall Art



2. Hallmark Signature Mothers Day Card


Although you may think greeting cards are a thing of the past, your mother certainly does not. And nothing says “I love you” better than a personally written message in a Mother’s Day card. Hallmark has and likely always will be the gold standard of greeting cards, and now you can order your favorite one on Amazon rather than trekking to the store and standing in the card aisle for hours while you struggle to pick out the perfect one for your mom. We love this folded paper card that’s new this year, but there are plenty of others available if this isn’t the right one for you and your mom. Just be sure to add your personalized message inside.

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hallmark signature mothers day Image courtesy of Hallmark

Hallmark Signature Mothers Day Card



3. Caramel Personalized Horizontal Bar Necklace


Every woman likes receiving jewelry, and your mom is no exception. We wouldn’t recommend buying her a diamond ring for Mother’s Day, but you could consider a personalized necklace, like this Caramel Personalized Horizontal Bar Necklace. The stainless steel pendant is available in eight different metallic shades and includes a matching chain. As an added bonus, you can personalize the bar with words up to 20 characters.

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caramel sweet custom necklace Image courtesy of Amazon

Caramel Personalized Horizontal Bar Necklace



4. Stampoutoutline Photo Socks


Remind your mom who her number one is with these Stampoutoutline Photo Socks. These may not be her everyday socks, but she’ll probably put them on for you this Mother’s Day if you ask her nicely. When ordering, you can choose to print up to five different faces on the socks, so you may want to go in with your siblings to create a special family edition pair. These socks are available in five different sizes, from youth to extra large.

stampoutonline personalized socks Image courtesy of Etsy

Stampoutoutline Photo Socks



5. Shelly Klein Personalized Family Print


Getting a personalized present for your mom sometimes means including the entire family. If you want to create a piece of art that she can put up on the wall and will remind her of how much her family loves her, consider the Shelly Klein Personalized Family Print. This artwork can feature two to 12 cartoon figures which can be completely customized. You pick the skin tone, hair color and clothing color for your lineup. The results are printed on 100% archival enhanced matte paper and completed with a black wood frame.

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shelly klein personalized photo Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Shelly Klein Personalized Family Print



6. UncommonGoods Personalized Family Recipe Board


Just because something is personalized doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. Take the UncommonGoods Personalized Family Recipe Board for example. This thoughtful gift is both a reminder of a beloved recipe and a handy kitchen tool for chopping, dicing and slicing. The cherry wood board measures nine inches by 12 inches and can be etched with a handwritten recipe that looks like the original or a typed recipe in a beautiful script. Either way, your mother will love the thought you put into this unique gift.

personalized family recipe board Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

UncommonGoods Personalized Family Recipe Board



Above all, remember that sometimes, mom just wants to spend time with you. You might not be living at home anymore and the pandemic may complicate this, but make sure to at least FaceTime your mom to say hi. Hopefully, she’ll have the flowers and gifts you sent her, but she’ll be happy just hearing from you and seeing your face. Here’s your friendly reminder to pick up the phone and give mom a call, too.


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