A Son’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts
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Mother’s Day comes around the same time every year and, like clockwork, maybe you have procrastinated (again) and are not sure what to get her.

Coming up with a meaningful gift that your mom will actually use is quite difficult sometimes. But rest assured, most men experience this every year and that’s why we’ve decided to relieve the stress and make a guide for any son looking to impress dear mom. These three easy guidelines will have your mother smitten with love and affection.

I Love You, Mom

First let’s remember, this day is about honoring your mom specifically, as well as celebrating all moms everywhere. In many cases, your mom is just looking to spend some time with you and get a quick reminder that you love her and that you’re still her little boy, no matter how old you grow. It isn’t always about the gifts, but the gifts certainly will bring a smile to her face.

That is why the rest of our list will be full of gift ideas, but never forget to show your mom some love on Mother’s Day. That will always be most important. It doesn’t take any money or traveling or very much time at all to let your mom know that you love her and appreciate her tireless efforts while raising you. If you don’t make the effort to reach out on Mother’s Day, you can count on breaking your mother’s heart and hearing about it the rest of the year. Yes, we went there.


Keep It Simple

This is your mom, not your fiancé or wife. There is no need to break the bank on gifts for your mother. You don’t need to punctuate your love for her with a high dollar amount. Loving your mom is a lot like the Elmer’s glue — a little goes a long way. Simplicity is the trick when shopping on Mother’s Day, but you still have to know what she likes.

Is your mom a chocolate lover? Does she adore flowers? Or will she really enjoy a bottle of wine? Maybe taking her out to eat for dinner or sending her to the spa for a few hours will be more appealing to her. Even if you’re running low on cash, you can always go clean her house or wash her car for her unexpectedly. If you don’t know your own mother well enough to make a decision on a simple gift idea like this, then I’d suggest taking your mother to a dinner or spending a few hours on the phone with her cause you’ve got some catching up to do.

Hopefully, you know enough about your mother to get her a simple gift that she will appreciate. Typically, you can never go wrong with something simple like chocolates or flowers. Here’s a couple options that you can have sent right to her door before its too late.

Mother's Day Gifts Image Courtesy Amazon


Mother's Day Gifts Image Courtesy Amazon


Make It Personal

If you have read the first two points and think you have those covered, then it’s time to make things personal. This is where you can really make an impact and tug at your mother’s heart strings.

Reflect back to a memory you shared with your mom, whether it was recent or something that happened when you were a child. The goal is to bring back the raw emotion from that memory through a gift. Give her something to remember that day or moment with. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a photo. Go get a picture frame and print off the picture that will make her recall this moment and pair it with your simple gift you’ve already chosen.

If you don’t have a photo to recall this event with, then a handwritten card will work just fine. It’s important that you be choosy with your words in this card though. Write out a couple drafts on scratch paper before you write with any permanence on the card. Every wordsmith needs a couple drafts to perfect their message. Be thoughtful and clever and try to evoke emotion with your words. If printing pictures or writing sentimental words seems to difficult, then there are plenty of other customizable gifts you can get to make it personal. Check out some of our gift suggestions for photos, cards and customizable jewelry.

Mother's Day Gift Image Courtesy Amazon


Mother's Day Gifts Image Courtesy Amazon

Mother's Day Gifts Image Courtesy Amazon

Above all, remember that sometimes, mom maybe just wants to spend time with you. I might not be living at home anymore but I’ll make sure to FaceTime my mom to say hi. Hopefully she’ll have the flowers and gifts I sent her, but I think she’ll be happy just hearing from me and seeing my face. Here’s your friendly reminder to pick up the phone and give mom a call too.

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