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National Women’s Equality Day: 5 Women Who Are Making a Difference

* August 26 is National Women’s Equality Day
* Celebrates 19th amendment to constitution, which granted women the right to vote
* Read about women in politics, film and fashion who are making a difference

August 26 is National Women’s Equality Day, which celebrates the nineteenth amendment to the U.S. constitution, which granted women the right to vote. This year, SPY is highlighting five exceptional women who are currently fighting for equal rights and representation, setting a brave example for all of us to follow.

1. Elizabeth Warren

The Democratic senator from Massachusetts is not only a proud advocate and supporter of the American middle class, she is an ardent fighter for “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” campaigning to close the pay gap and ensure that women and men are paid equally. In her latest book, “This Fight is Our Fight,” she talks about the precarious position our country is in, as well as her thoughts on the future — an interesting read as rumors continue to swirl that she’ll run for President in 2020.


2. Malala Yousafzai

This brave young girl is an example to us all. Winner of the Noble Peace Prize in 2014, Malala fought for her right to education against the Taliban after they invaded her native Swat Valley in Pakistan. She was shot in the head at point blank range for this, but luckily she survived, and has gone on to campaign for peaceful protest against oppression and women’s rights around the world. Read about her remarkable journey in her best-selling book, “I Am Malala.” It’s an empowering read that we recommend for all women (and men), both young and old.

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3. Ava DuVernay

An influential figure in the fight for equal representation of African Americans in film and TV, particularly African American women, DuVernay was the first African American woman in history to have her film nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture for Selma. Her next film, A Wrinkle in Time, based off the classic children’s book, is set to be released on March 9, 2018.

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4. Gloria Steinam

A pioneer of the American feminist movement, Steinam was a lead feminist activist during the 60s and 70s. She began her career as a journalist, and co-founded the feminist magazine Ms with Dorothy Pitman Hughes. In her book, “My Life on the Road,” she details her life’s journey, documenting her experiences and lessons learned. First released in 2015, the book was named one of Oprah’s favorites, and went on to become a New York Times Bestseller.


5. Tory Burch

She may be a curious choice on this list, but outside of her breezy, resort-wear and stylish accessories, the popular fashion designer is also an advocate for women in small business. The designer started The Tory Burch Foundation in 2009 to support and empower female entrepreneurs. It provides low-interest business loans, education, mentorship and networking opportunities for women. Show your support with this “Embrace Ambition” bracelet. Made of silk and offered in six colors, it features an engraved charm and a brass Gemini Link. 100% of your purchase will go to the foundation.

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