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This Friendship Lamp Is the Ideal Beacon for Friends and Loved Ones Anywhere

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The holidays are the time when family and loved ones come together. The downside of this tradition comes when we can’t all get together, for whatever reason, and we’re reminded of how much we miss those far-away loved ones.

With the The Friendship Lamp, those cherished friends are only a warm touch of light away, no matter where in the world they are. Whether you have two lamps or an entire network of friendship beacons spread over thousands of miles, it takes just a touch of the lamp to change the color of them all, letting everyone know you’re thinking of them.

Friendship lamps are one of the most interesting and thoughtful innovations to hit the scene in 2019. The concept and execution is so simple, it makes us wonder what took so long. All you do is connect the Friendship Lamp to your WiFi signal and set up a Group ID. That group could be as simple as you and your long-distance relationship partner or a family of dozens. Once everyone is signed into the group and on WiFi, it takes just one touch of a lamp to change the color of everyone’s lamps — an instant “thinking of you” message that transcends words and distance.

While there are other friendship lamps for sale, we like the handsome, modern design of this new Friendship Lamp. The attractive wooden base supports a cylindrical touch lamp. The compact design features strong, clean lines and a modern aesthetic that will enhance your home’s decor.

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Courtesy of Friendship Lamps
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Courtesy of Friendship Lamps

Who is this a perfect beacon for? How about…

Parents and college-age kids. Dorm life can be too crazed for kids to remember to call home. And students stressed out about classes or just missing home can always use a gentle reminder that they’re being thought of.

Grandparents and grandkids. Grandparents and younger grandkids aren’t always the most tech-savvy people, so texting and emailing or FaceTiming may not be in the cards. But a simple touch of a lamp is a warm message from a great distance when you can’t say hello in person.

Military families. Nobody is under greater separation strain than our military service members and their families. Deployed to far-flung locations, sometimes on short notice, our men and women in uniform are often unable to communicate with their friends and families back home for long stretches. A Friendship Lamp can make all the difference over a long separation because spotty cell reception and multiple time zones can’t stop the simple beacon from getting through.

Best friends. Even if you talk and text every day, you can set up your Friendship Lamp network so different light settings and colors can relay different messages, from “I’ve got the flu and can’t get to my phone today” to “OMG CALL ME NOW.”

Friendship Lamps are a compact 4.7 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, and all of the many colors options are a calming and attractive addition to any room. But the message from afar is what makes these some of the best and most thoughtful gifts at any time of the year.