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Nissan Debuts New Dog-Friendly SUV

* Nissan revealed new dog-friendly version of Rogue SL SUV
* The new “paw-fect” SUV will debut at New York International Auto Show
* The project model will be on view from April 15th – April 23rd

Nissan revealed today its latest SUV model: the Rogue Dogue. The pet-friendly SUV was designed especially for your four-legged friends and will make its debut this week at the New York International Auto Show.

Based on the 2017 Rogue SL model, this spec model is upgraded for dog-owners and was designed to make four legged passengers ride more comfortably. Nissan’s announcement of the new model seems timely, as today is National Pet Day. The Rogue Dogue SUV will be on display at the New York International Auto Show from April 15 – April 23.

The dog-friendly Rogue was built by Dennis McCarthy, the car coordinator for the Fast & Furious movie franchise. This upgraded SUV features an impressive variety of dog-friendly amenities, including a removable dog bed, built-in dog food and water dishes, a roll out bed, extending dog wash shower hose, and a built-in fur dryer in the trunk.

But your pup’s comfort wasn’t the only factor considered in the design of this project model. “Of course, we also take pets’ safety very seriously, which is why the Rogue Dogue includes secure leash fastening attachments in the second row and rear cargo area – along with numerous other features designed to make family travel with dogs more enjoyable for everyone,” says Nissan’s vice president of product planning, Michael Bunce. Additional safety and protection features include a roll-out ramp designed for elderly dogs, a dog first aid kid, and harness clips mounted to the compartment in rear.

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If this SUV seems a bit gimmicky, consider this: in a survey of 400 dog owners, 77% of dog owners said pet-friendly features would impact their decision on which car to purchase when buying a new vehicle.

But the Rogue Dogue won’t only offer your furry friends upgraded amenities — human passengers will also enjoy the thoughtful additions as well. Nissan equipped the Rogue Dogue with a rear-facing camera on each window, so that you can document your dog’s adventure and watch later.

The Rogue Dogue is based on a 2017 Rogue SL model, which will feature all of the original model’s upgraded features and custom options including Nissan’s Platinum Interior Reserve Package. After all, when deciding which new car to purchase next time you’re in the market, perhaps its time to consider your furry family members as well. As Nissan says, “next to your family, your dog is your most important cargo.”