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7 Must Read Books To Help Explosive Relationships

* These seven books tackle all varieties of relationship struggles
* Authors range from couple therapists to seasoned mediators
* Improve your communication

Love can come in all forms, including fighting, shouting and sometimes saying things you regret. In order to improve the health of your relationship, check out these seven books by knowledgeable professionals, written to give you some perspective.

1. Fight Less, Love More

This book by Harvard-educated lawyer and mediator Laurie Puhn helps you identify bad habits and conversational tacts, and communicate better with your partner so you have discussions, not screaming matches.

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2. Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love

This interactive book by couple’s therapist Nancy Dreyfus was inspired by a particularly heated session between a husband and wife, where during the middle of a heated argument she gestured for her husband to hold up a card that said “Talk to me like I’m someone you love,” which immediately shifted the dialogue. This book is full of pragmatic advice.

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3. Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict

From psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson, this book examines a key aspect of healthy relationships: communication. It outlines methods to sidestep blame and focus on understanding.

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4. Healing from Infidelity: The Divorce Busting Guide to Rebuilding Your Marriage After an Affair

A lot of people view infidelity as the deal breaker for any relationship. Michele Weiner-Davis has written a direct book that confronts a common problem and is a must-read for people dealing with this all-too-common issue.

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5. Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

This book by Dr. Emmerson Eggerich helps you make a fresh start as a couple and look at each other in a completely new light.

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6. His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage

Your relationship problems may be more common than you think. This book identifies the 10 most common problems men and women encounter and offers proven solutions on how to fix them.

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7. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

A New York Times bestseller, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, this book explores the five different ways people communicate their feelings of love. Once established, identifying your love language can improve the health of your relationship.

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