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10 Times Daniel Ricciardo’s Fashion Changed Our Brain Chemistry

He’s not on the track, but he’s still number one in our hearts. As the 2023 F1 Season roars into gear in Bahrain, Daniel Ricciardo is sitting in the third spot at Red Bull, cooling his heels by the side of the circuit. It’s less than we would have hoped for the most charming man in racing, but probably more than we deserve. Danny Ric is not only the low-key protagonist of the megahit Drive to Survive series, he’s an emerging style icon with an aesthetic so profoundly American it had to come from Australia.

“He’s got the chat,” says Brian Muller of The Red Flags podcast. “He’s a cheeky Australian; that boisterousness fits well with an American audience….“He’s our Jon Snow. He was the perfect protagonist. He’s a great driver, but he’s a fantastic ambassador.”

He is also, as Brian’s cohost Matt Elisofon quickly points out, very handsome. He is blessed and he walks around as though he knows it; Max Verstappen does not. Even his “Fuck Em All” mantra is repeated with wry humor. Coming from him it sounds like the jangly refrain of a country tune. 

No wonder that Ricciardo’s clothing line, Ric3, sold out of their F.E.A. line in one day. No wonder Harry Styles wears the stuff. Danny has the best vibes on track in the same way that Josh Allen has the best vibes in the NFL (editor’s note: Sorry Patrick). Again, no surprise the two are friends.

Here are the ten Danny outfits that cemented his status as an off-track icon and the officially unofficial American pissing in the F1 punchbowl.

Last year Danny definitely turned up for the occasion at the US Grand Prix in Austin. The infamous horse riding episode, if you will. This western ensemble is in true Texas spirit, which many of his get-ups are. 

Start with the Vintage Bronc Embroidered Western Shirt from Rockmount. It’s a great foundation piece for a cowboy closet. While Danny’s hat is in the $300 range from Akubra, you can snag this Brixton one for a third of the price. You can’t see the boots definitively, but we know he loves a Chelsea cut very close to this pair from Ariat

Danny wearing his own shirt could have been cringe. It wasn’t. There’s nothing wrong with swagger.

This matching hat and swim trunk are sold out at Ric3; you can sometimes find Enchante pieces floating around on the second market. This 3-piece set from Amazon has the exact same summer vibe, and honestly, we know Danny isn’t above all items matching.

When you think dope paddock fits, you don’t always think of University of Texas basketball. Danny does. While you can’t get Danny’s signature #3 with his name, you can grab this one. Top it off with Resistol’s Amarillo Sky hat, still available on a few sites—a true longhorn look.

Yankophile that he is, Danny loves a patriotic getup. This vintage 90s Michael Hoban American flag jacket is giving Gordon Bombay at the Junior Goodwill Games. Add a bolo from Enchante and Stetson’s Bozen hat to complete the outfit.

There’s something about a grown man in a pink dad hat that just hits. Danny’s eternal love for Texas is a mood. This particular Lymbo Love Texas Dad Hat is sold out in pink, but this 47 Baserunner Hat is on brand and still pastel. The Undefeated tee is a nice Cali nod, as Danny does, in fact, have a house in LA. While that property is a cool $18.6 million, the shirt is only $40.

Fully evolving into a real Cali boy, Danny donned a Baja Joe Mexican Hoodie by LaBajaria. Outfits like this truly display how “Danny is not a cyborg in a rather stuffy sport but a goofball like the rest of us,” Brian points out. “It’s like watching the funny kid from your high school succeed while surrounded by pretension.”

Overalls? It works when it works. JK. The exact overalls from Urban Outfitters are sold out, but these are from Forever 21 and are a perfect addition to a jokester’s wardrobe.

This list really wouldn’t be complete without something from Rhude. These logo shorts make more than one appearance as Danny’s travel fit. A tried and true sneaker in his collection are these RevengeXStorm Classic Black Canvas shoes. The Patek Philippe Cloth Weekender bag has popped up a time or two as well. He’s a big fan of Patek Phillippe, one of the few luxury brands he reps.

Of all the looks and accessories, this “Let’s F*ck” ring from Good Art might be peak drip. While Danny paid over $7000 for it, you can own this one for just $35. Is it better than a trophy? No. But it’s still pretty great.