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Denim Was The Style Winner Of The 2023 Grammy Awards, So Get Some New Denim Clothes And Go Styling

The 2023 Grammy Awards were filled with colors and styles to look up to, but one of the most surprising trends was the sheer volume of denim on display. Bad Bunny was wearing some washed-out jeans, Benny Blanco turned up in an awesome patterned denim hoodie, and Gus Kenworthy rocked up in Prada denim overalls.

We’re not expecting anyone to want to pony up the money to grab anything from Prada just to wear on a night out or while you’re working from home, but it’s always nice to know a reliable pair of jeans is a good choice. After all, for a lot of us, jeans are a staple of our wardrobe because they’re comfortable, durable, and look good.

Denim For Everyone

The best denim shirts or best stretch jeans could easily come into any denim wardrobe, depending on how brave you’re feeling with double denim, but it’s not for everyone. Sure, there are people from the 90s who wore it back then, but modern-day double denim can be a little hit or miss. Instead, we recommend just grabbing one denim thing and going with it.

There’s no denying how good the people at the Grammys looked though. It means that today could well be the right day to venture outside of your comfort zone a little bit with a few more denim feature pieces for your wardrobe. We’re big fans of one denim piece as a talking point or standout item in any outfit.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out a nice denim jacket, which should go well with just about anything you own, and has a nice mixture of textures and looks to keep it from being overbearingly denim. We’ve also found a nice set of white dungarees from Dickies. They’re listed as being painters’ overalls, but frankly, style is what you make of it, so just go wild with it and see what you come up with at the end of the day.

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