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Relax in Style With Homage’s Go-to-Joggers and T-Shirts

Looking for a comfortable pair of sweatpants you’ll still look good in? Look no further than the go-to-joggers from Homage. Yes, this probably comes as no surprise that we at Spy are once again writing about Homage, but that’s for a good reason. We simply can’t get enough of its exceptional clothing and the Go-To-Joggers are no different.

These comfy sweatpants have a cuffed hem to stay in place around your ankle and are made from a super soft fleece you won’t want to take off. They come in a variety of both neutral and vibrant colors to either be the centerpiece of your outfit or there just to support the rest. Or, third option, to lay indefinitely on the couch where it doesn’t matter what the rest of your fit looks like because no one will see it but your cats. That’s the camp I’ll be sitting comfortably in, thank you very much.

The go-to-joggers go for $65 each, but right now Homage is running a promotion in which you can save $25 when you bundle two pairs together.

In addition to the joggers, Homage has 20 graphic T-shirts for under $20 right now. Some are just fun like the “It’s Tuesday Somewhere” tee featuring a picture of a taco. Many others are references to fan-favorite flicks like the “Just Tap it In” tee from Happy Gilmore. I’m pretty partial to the Fresh Prince “Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’ All Cool” tee.

Put together your next lazy day outfit thanks to Homage.

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