Sleeper Agent: 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep

9 Ways to Get Better Sleep
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* 35% of Americans suffer from insomnia or another sleep disorder
* Lack of sleep hurts your health and lowers your concentration
* There are plenty of ways to help get your sleep back on track

It’s common knowledge that getting a good night’s rest is crucial to your overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, while it’s one of the best ways to maintain your health, insomnia and other sleep-related abnormalities are among the most common complaints among adults.

In fact, a  Consumer Reports survey of 4,023 American adults last year, found that 27% of people reported having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep on most nights, and 68% reported difficulty with sleep at least once a week.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or are simply waking up too early, there are several ways to help you get better rest without going to the doctor’s office or taking habit-forming prescription sleep aids. Here are 9 of the most promising options on the market.

1. Bluetooth Sleeping Speaker

Fortunately, if you’re sensitive to light, sound or both, then this useful gadget may help you get the good night’s sleep you so need. With the ability to connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more, this little sleeper of a speaker features Bluetooth 4.3 technology and boasts high-fidelity sounds to help you hear each and every note. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, this one doesn’t come with any of those annoying beeps, blurps or constant reminders that your battery is dying. Simply slip ‘em on and sleep away.

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2. URPower Essential Oil Diffusers and Humidifier

For those who suffer from allergies or sinusitis, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing throughout the night, can make falling — and staying asleep — nearly impossible. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which in turn helps promote better breathing by helping keep nasal and sinus cavities moisturized so that you can breathe easy. This unique humidifier also functions as an essential oil diffuser, allowing you to add calming aromatherapeutic oils like lavender to the mist. This quiet, nightstand-sized humidifier works for up to six hours, with an auto-shut off control to protect the device and ensure longevity.

URPower Essential Oil Diffusers and Humidifier Image courtesy of Amazon


3. SCS Lighting Sleep-Ready Light

This adult night-light helps to promote better sleep using reduced blue light waves, which are associated with melatonin function and production. Artificial light sources can interfere with melatonin production, making it harder to sleep and throwing off your circadian clock. This amber-tinted light bulb uses half the amount of blue light compared to typical bulbs, helping to promote better sleep.

SCS Lighting Sleep-Ready Light Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Deep Sleep All-Natural Sleep Aid

While taking melatonin supplements have been linked to reduced difficulty sleeping, some research suggests that they only work if you’re melatonin deficient. This all-natural and non-habit forming supplement contains melatonin in addition to a slew of other powerful herbs and amino acids linked to improved sleep, including L-Theanine and the herb Valerian Root. While research is inconclusive, valerian root has been used medicinally to treat sleep problems since ancient Greece and Rome. Other powerful ingredients include the anti-anxiety GABA and passion flower extract. Double up on the benefit of melatonin with this blend of lesser known sleep aids.

Sleep Aid with Valerian Root Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Cutea Sleepy Bear Tea

If you prefer a traditional approach for sleep remedies, this sleep-inducing tea is for you. This all-natural tea contains a powerful blend of antioxidants and herbs linked to promoting restful mind and body. In addition to the chamomile, it also contains Tulsi (holy basil leaf) which has shown some promising results in helping reduce physical and psychological stress in subjects. Plus, drinking a warm beverage before bedtime is a timeless remedy to promote relaxation, so you’ll get two benefit in one orange-flavored drink.

Cutea Sleepy Bear Tea Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Machine

Noise is an obvious culprit to disrupted sleep. Some people prefer to fall asleep to noise, whether it be the TV playing in the background or the noise of a fan, while others require complete silence. This customizable audio device loops six different soothing sounds from nature, with an energy-saving auto turn-off setting. Plus, the compact design and small size makes it a great option for travelling or when staying in noisy hotels.

Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine Image courtesy of Amazon


7. BluBlocker Nylon Sunglasses

You’ve probably heard by now that staring at a screen–whether your smartphone, laptop, or TV–before bedtime can interrupt your ability to fall asleep (and stay asleep later on) because of the transmittance of blue lights. Blue light is associated with hindering the synthesis of melatonin, leading to disrupted sleep patterns.

While wearing sunglasses at night (let alone in bed) may feel bizarre at first, these amber-hued glasses shield blue light from entering the retina, while still allowing you to scroll through Facebook or read emails with clarity. For the record, they also do a great job at protecting your eyes from UV light during the daytime too.

BluBlocker Nylon Sunglasses Image courtesy of Amazon


8. ResMed S+ Personal Sleep Solution

There are an endless amount of factors that could be responsible for hindering your much needed sleep. This high-tech device monitors external and environmental factors that may be playing in role, including climate, noise, and light levels. Meanwhile, the sensor monitors your breathing and movements to compare how certain changes in your environment may be affecting your sleep pattern. Data is synced on your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, giving you a report of personalized feedback to help you make alternations to your environment so you can get more ZZZ’s.

ResMed S+ Personal Sleep Solution Image courtesy of Amazon


9. BedJet AirComforter Cooling & Heating Sheet

Compatible with the BedJet device, this climate-controllable comforter allows you to customize the temperature you want to fall asleep to, even if it differs from the desire of your significant other’s. While research indicates that most people sleep best at an average temperature between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, some people prefer a warmer temperature to snooze. This high-tech comforter gives you the luxury of two settings for one bed, so your partner is just as comfortable as you are.

BedJet AirComforter Cooling & Heating Sheet Image courtesy of Amazon


10. 2Breathe Sleep Inducer

Mindful breathing can be a beneficial tool for relaxing and calming the nerves, helping you to erase the stress of the day and fall asleep with ease. This device rests on your chest, using a sensor that monitors your respiratory breathing. Based on your breathing patterns, the monitor syncs to the corresponding smartphone app which then offers personalized guidance to thoughtful breathing techniques, linked to improved sleep.

2Breathe Sleep Inducer Image courtesy of Amazon

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