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Why You Need This Anti-Aging, Color-Correcting Sunscreen

* SPF 50 fights the signs of aging
* Innovative mineral formula
* Tinted finish evens skin tone and adds a youthful glow

The City Skin Age Defense sunscreen by Murad offers a whole new level of sun protection. This broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is a revolutionary mineral formula that shields your skin while creating a dewy glow that looks lovely on its own or with makeup. The environmental protection guards against UVA, UVB, pollution, blue light and infrared radiation all day long.

Murad reports that this product shields from 96% of pollution, 89% of blue light and 52% of infrared radiation, which goes above and beyond any drugstore sunscreen. Murad always takes skin sensitivity into consideration so this is suitable for all skin types.

This lightweight mineral formula keeps your skin hydrated and blemishes at bay. You can be sure you are providing your skin with optimal protection without risking dryness or breaking out.

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We all know sunscreen should be worn daily, so we appreciate how nicely this product works with our daily routines, makeup and beauty products. It dries into a silky finish that’s perfect for applying under–or over–makeup. The color correcting tint looks fabulous with all skin tones and provides a fresh and natural glow even if you wear it alone.

Rave reviews online report amazing color correcting, a non-greasy finish and absolutely no redness after hours in the sun.

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