16 Camera Accessories Every Photographer Needs

best camera accessories for aspiring photographers
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A photographer without a tool kit of accessories is like a chef trying to cook without any seasonings. It doesn’t take long for even a novice or aspiring photographer to learn that if you are going to take amazing photos and videos, you are going to need a little more equipment than just a solid camera.

There will be scenarios during a shoot where you might need to manipulate the lighting just a bit to get the perfect shot. Or remove dust from your lenses before you shoot. And what happens if you travel hours to get to your destination only to find out your camera batteries are dead? A photographer with a solid arsenal of accessories has a solution for anything the shoot requires.

Even if you aren’t aspiring to be a pro-level photographer, accessories like a power bank or memory card protector can be lifesavers when you’re out and about filming. Whether you’re a pro photographer or not, you’re going to want to add these handy camera accessories to your photography bag (we have bags below, too!)


1. Rotolight Neo 2 LED Camera Light

When you are getting into more serious portrait photography or video shoots, the Rotolight Neo 2 is a great camera light for the job. With continuous lighting, flash and no recycle times, it really puts flashguns to shame. Plus, you can change the temperature of the light to get the best lighting possible from shoot to shoot.

rotolight camera light camera accessory Courtesy of Amazon

2. Anker PowerCore II 20000 Power Bank

Nothing is more infuriating than a dead battery on a camera shoot. Eliminate that problem with the PowerCore II 20000 Anker Power Bank. It can charge multiple batteries at once thanks to two USB ports and charges dead batteries quickly. It’s not a sexy accessory, but it might end up being the most important one in your camera bag.

anker powercore II camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

3. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Stabilizer for Phone

Take your TikToks and Reels to the next level with this handheld stabilizer. The three-axis stabilized gimbal removes unwanted shaking and rattling while you’re filming on the move. There are also a few controls to start and stop recording right on the handle. Who knows, you could be the next 420doggface208 (the Ocean Spray guy).

dji osmo mobile stabilizer camera accessory Courtesy of Amazon

4. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Backpack

You can fit your entire photography rig in this condensed backpack. With padded pockets for your camera, tripod, multiple lenses, battery packs, cables, you name it, it will have a home. It also includes rain protection just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse when you’re out and about. This is a must for those who do most of their work outdoors.

lowepro protactic backpack camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon


5. Rode VideoMicPro

The Rode shotgun mic picks up great audio without all the hassle of remote mics. It connects right on the camera and has a wind guard to reduce unwanted noises. The suspension system also keeps it from picking up camera operating noises. It’s a great solution for quick and easy upgraded audio.

rode videomic pro camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

6. Manfrotto MT 190XPRO3 Tripod

Setting up to get a shot should be quick and easy, and that’s exactly what the Manfrotto 190XPRO3 Tripod achieves. It unfolds and can adjust anywhere from 3.5 inches to 63 inches with just the snap of a few levers. The bubble level on the Easy Link Plug ensures that you’re always leveled and ready to shoot. Combined that with the Q90 Column that allows you to get unique and creative positioning and you have yourself a simple, yet versatile and reliable tripod.

manfrotto tripod camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

7. Manfrotto MHXPRO-3 Three-Way Head

After you pick up your Manfrotto Tripod, you’re going to want a head that helps you maneuver your camera about. This Manfrotto three-way lever with adjustable friction settings helps you maneuver and position your camera in the perfect spot before and while you’re rolling. You’re going to want this kind of control to maximize your tripod’s potential.

manfrotto three way head camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

8. Etekcity 24-inch Light Reflectors (5-pack)

Lighting is key when it comes to photoshoots. This five pack of lighting reflectors are super affordable, but give you everything you need to warm up a room, bounce light or remove unwanted glare. They fold up into a 10-inch zipper pouch, so you can easily stow them away when your shoot is done.

etekcity 24-inch light reflector camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

9. Adonit Photogrip

This mini tripod attachment allows you to quickly set up your smartphone on a tabletop or ground without having to balance your phone to get the right angle. Once you’re set-up, you can use the detachable shutter to take pictures without having to run back and forth to your phone. This is a great accessory for traveling and easily packs away in your bag.

adonit photogrip camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon

10. Beeway Memory Card Protector

Memory cards are the brain of your camera, and nothing is more frustrating than not knowing which memory card is which when they are all piled up at the bottom of your camera bag. Keep them organized and protected with the Beeway Water and Shock Resistant Protector. Not only can you keep up to 24 cards organized, but you can also keep them protected from the elements on outdoor shoots.

beeway memory card protector camera accessories Courtesy of Amazon


11. Camkik Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Maintain your camera equipment with this comprehensive camera cleaning kit. The set includes a reusable spray bottle, soft cleaning cloths, brush pen, air blower and lens cleaner.

Camkik Cleaning Kit Image Courtesy of Amazon


12. AmazonBasics Camera Tripod

Every aspiring photographer needs a tripod, and this one is lightweight, sturdy and adjustable in height up to 50 inches. It conveniently collapses into just 12 inches and slips into an included carrying bag.

Amazon Basics Tripod Image Courtesy of Amazon


13. USA Gear Camera Grip Strap

Stabilize your grip and get that shot with the help of a grip strap. Padded neoprene construction provides increased safety, stability, and control, whether you’re shooting still or video.

Pro Camera Grip Strap Image Courtesy of Amazon


14. Goja Professional Lens Filter Kit

Available for lens sizes 52 – 67mm, this filter kit delivers Ultraviolet UV, Circular Polarizer CPL, Fluorescent FLD filters plus additional accessories such as a filter pouch, tulip flower lens hood, lens cap, cleaning cloth and keeper leash.

Goja Filter Kit Image Courtesy of Amazon


15. HiiGuy DSLR Camera Strap

Every photographer needs a strap, both for securing and portability. HiiGuy’s strap is a great choice thanks to thoughtful details like an adjustable, quick-release padded design, complete with zip compartments for extra batteries, memory cards and other accessories.

Hiii Guy Camera Strap Image Courtesy of Amazon


16. Toshiba Canvio Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba’s Canvio hard drive offers 1 TB of storage in a compact, light package — the entire drive just about fits in the palm of a hand. Its plug-and-play operation means there’s no cumbersome software setup for each device you plug it into.

Toshi Hard Drive Image Courtesy of Amazon