The 15 Best Camping Tarps for Staying Dry in the Great Outdoors

best camping tarps for winter
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Camping trips are great. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends and family, cooking delicious food over the fire or telling stories and sharing a drink under the stars, there’s something about a camping trip that’s hard to beat. However, throw into the equation a torrential downpour, the unrelenting burning sun or ground which is too wet and muddy to sit on, and things become a little bit less enjoyable. For that reason, a camping tarp is an essential piece to have in your camping arsenal.

Tarps are a versatile piece of camping equipment, which can help you hold back the rain, keep the sun at bay and give you a place to sit when the ground isn’t in the best shape. They’re also super lightweight and are ideal for keeping in your bag until they need to be called upon. Plus, they aren’t just useful for camping, either. Your tarp can come in handy at other events and places, too. Whether it’s at the beach, in your garden or even at a local community event, the best waterproof camping tarps truly are built for all occasions.

We’ve put together the 15 best camping tarps available on Amazon. Each option is well-reviewed and capable of keeping you dry on a rainy day. There are a number of different shapes and sizes available depending on your needs, and many tarps come with a kit for attaching it in place.

Make sure you’re never caught off guard by a sudden rainstorm or burnt to a crisp because you couldn’t find any shade in the peak of summer by keeping a handy tarp in your kit.


1. OUTRY Multi-Purpose Tarp


The OUTRY waterproof multi-purpose tarp comes with included tent pegs to hold it down. Great for blustery conditions, it keeps you high and dry even when the wind picks up. This “Amazon’s Choice” tarp is a top-rated camping tarp. It’s a versatile and dependable camping tarp with an attractive price for the casual camper.

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2. B-Air Grizzly Tarp


The B-Air Grizzly Tarp is the right camping tarp for many jobs. The heavy-duty tarp is made with tightly woven polyethylene fibers to make it waterproof yet lightweight. It can be used as a base for a tent, as a tent itself or in many around-the-home applications, such as a pickup truck bed cover, an emergency roof patch or protection for boats and campers through the winter. As an added bonus, the tarp has built-in aluminum grommets spaced every 36 inches around the edge to allow for securing it anywhere.

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3. OUTAD Waterproof Tarp


This OUTAD waterproof tarp doubles as a sunshade and comes in multiple color options. It also folds down to a handy 6 x 4 inch size. Rated a favorable 4.5/5 from over 335 customers, this tarp continues to be a true essential for campers.

OUTAD Waterproof Camping Tarp Courtesy of Amazon


4. Terra Hiker Waterproof Camping Tarp


As a barrier between your tent and the cold or wet earth, the Terra Hiker Waterproof Camping Tarp works well. This multi-purpose tarp is made from durable, 210D Oxford cloth combined with waterproof processing to protect you and your belongings from dampness. It also boasts rust-resistant grommets along the edges and on the reinforced corners for long-lasting use. As an added bonus, this tarp can be packed down into a very compact size for easy travel and comes with its own drawstring bag carrying case. 

Terra Hiker Camping Tarp Courtesy of Amazon


5. REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp


REDCAMP is an outdoor equipment brand, so when they designed a tarp for camping, they knew what they were doing. This camping tarp is made from 210D ripstop fabric that’s extra durable and waterproof in order to provide an extra layer between your tent and the wet ground. In addition to being ideal for use with a two to three person tent, this tarp can also function as a picnic blanket, as a beach mat or as sun shade when tied up. However, the best part of this tarp is that it folds down to a very compact size and fits inside an included drawstring pouch.

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6. Foxelli Rain Tarp


Reviewers love the Foxelli Rain Tarp. This fly boasts an impressive 4.8 stars on Amazon after more than 300 reviews. It’s an ultra-lightweight rain fly that functions as a hammock canopy or camping tarp and weighs just 18.2 ounces. It comes with everything you need to set it up, including four extra-long nylon guy lines and two aluminum alloy stakes. Like all the best camping tarps, this product is waterproof, UV proof and snow proof, so you can use it during all four seasons.

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7. Aqua Quest Safari Tarp


Whether your trips into the great outdoors are to go hunting or you just like the idea of blending into nature, camouflage is always in fashion when you’re camping. This Aqua Quest Safari Tarp boasts the traditional camouflage pattern yet is a highly functional camping tarp. The 10 x 7 foot tarp can expand to a maximum 247 sqare feet and is made with dual coated non-toxic Polyurethane for maximum protection. It’s also very lightweight and easy to carry and has reinforced stitching and heat-taped seams that will hold up in even the roughest conditions. 

Aqua Quest Safari Tarp Courtesy of Amazon


8. Kalinco Hammock Tarp


Whether you’re in need of a sunshade, rain shelter, picnic mat or even a beach blanket, the Kalinco Hammock Tarp has you covered. This lightweight tarp is available in two different sizes and comes with a handy carrying bag as well as everything that you’ll need to attach it in place. It can be set up in a number of different orientations, depending on your needs and makes a great gift idea for your adventurous friends or family members.

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9. Kelty Noah’s Tarp


The “Noah’s Tarp” camping tarp from Kelty is designed for extremely rainy conditions and boating, as the name implies. Its features include reinforced guy-out points for propping and a broad area of coverage. In addition, the tarp’s taped seams prevent water from breaching the covered area.

best camping tarps keity noahs tarp sun shelter Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Chill Gorilla Hammock tarp


This Chill Gorilla rain fly tent tarp keeps your hammock dry in all kinds of conditions. Thanks to its hex design, it offers great water shedding, and it’s built from a lightweight material that makes it a favorite among backpackers. Plus, mounting equipment is included with every order.

best camping tarps chill gorilla hex hammock Image courtesy of Amazon

11. YuEdge Waterproof Tarp


The YuEdge waterproof tarp bills itself as a tarp of all trades. It’s a multi-use option that’s great for backpacking and camping trips in variable weather conditions. It’s made from high-quality polyester so that it can shed water with ease and will stay intact for years to come.

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12. FREE SOLDIER Multifunctional Backpacking Tarp


This lightweight tarp can be shaped to offer shelter from both harsh sunlight and gusty rain. It’s also ultra lightweight, making it a great choice for backpackers. In addition, this tarp is very multi-functional as it can be used for more than just camping.

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13. Hanjet Camping Shelter


This lightweight tarp is notable for its broad coverage. It’s big enough to shield a two-to-three-person tent from the rain. “This tarp did awesome! It went above our tent for a rainy camping trip and did a perfect job at keeping us dry!” explains a satisfied customer in an Amazon review.

Hanjet Large Tarp


14. Aqua Quest Guide Tarp


For extremely wet environments, you can’t beat the Aqua Quest Guide Tarp. This camping tarp is 100% waterproof thanks to its dual, non-toxic coatings of polyurethane and silicone. Together, these ensure the tarp far exceeds standard waterproof ratings. It will keep you dry even in a torrential downpour. In addition, this camping accessory is made from durable 40D nylon, ripstop fabric and boasts 13 reinforced loops, including one in the very middle of the tent.

best camping tarps aqua quest guide Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Sanctuary SilTarp


With the included stakes, ropes and carrying case, the Sanctuary SilTarp comes with everything you’ll need to create a sunshade, rain cover or picnic base. It’s available in a range of shapes and sizes and is made from an impressively lightweight 30 denier ripstop nylon material, meaning you’ll hardly even realize you’re carrying it. The tarp is covered by a silicon and PU dual-coating, which makes it completely waterproof to ensure you’re dry when rain hits. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find plenty of built-in tying points to keep your tarp in place.

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