One Gift to Rule Them All: The 9 Best Gifts for Lord of the Rings Fans

Lord of the Rings gifts
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The genre it helped spawn may be everywhere now, but Lord of the Rings remains a real cultural touchstone. It has inspired countless high fantasy and sorcery epics and become itself an abiding part of our cultural vocabulary. From hobbits to ring wraiths to the idea of the one, precious ring inexorably corrupting its owner, Tolkien’s variegated universe still inspires the imagination like nothing else. Here are 9 of the best gifts for Lord of the Rings fans this holiday season.

1. Hobbit Bofur Hat

The Hobbit Bofur Hat is practically required headgear if you’re reclaiming Lonely Mountain, or walking to the train this winter on your way to play some LOTR trivial pursuit.

hobbit hat Courtesy Amazon


2. Vinyl Figures

These Funko POP-style statues of popular LOTR characters are a great addition to any collection. Choose from Frodo, Sam, Balrog, Gandalf, Saruman and Nazgul.

POP lotr vinyl figures Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Morphing Mugs Lord of the Rings Ceramic Mug

If you or someone you know pretty much turns into Gollum if they haven’t had their coffee yet, this mug is just the thing! This heat activated ceramic mug revels a hidden image when you add your favorite hot beverage of choice.

Morphing Mugs Lord of the Rings (Collage) Ceramic Mug Courtesy Amazon

4. Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

A chilling bit of Christmas cheer, this Eye of Sauron Snow Globe depicts the famous tower in Mordor.

sauron snow globe Courtesy Amazon


5. The One Ring

Inscribed inside and out in Elvish script, this bronze ring calls out to you… “the ring wants to be found.” It even comes with a 22k gold plated chain.

gollum ring necklace Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Prancing Pony Beer Mug

This stainless steel and natural wood Prancing Pony Beer Mug would look right at home in Middle Earth. Custom engraving is available too.

prancing pony mug Courtesy Amazon


7. Lego Wizard Battle

Recreate the epic battle between Gandalf and Saruman as it was always meant to be experienced: in Lego form! This nifty set comes with a spinning eye of Sauron, two staffs and cute Lego wizard figures.

lego wizard battle Courtesy Amazon


8. LOTR Trivial Pursuit

Challenge you and your friends’ Lord of the Rings trivia knowledge with this Tolkienesque adventure in board game form.

LOTR trivial pursuit Courtesy Amazon


9. Gandalf’s staff

This wizard staff of a not-insignificant size and heft is a genuine licensed prop replica, complete with a glowing wizard orb. Take it LARPing or just hiking

Gandalf's Staff Courtesy ThinkGeek


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