New Year, New You: These Are The Best Hangover Cures

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Did you know the reason most people get New Year’s Day off from work is because businesses determined in the 1960s that they were losing money from their hungover, unproductive employees? While that urban legend isn’t true at all, that would most definitely be the case if we all had to go to work after celebrating New Year’s Eve. After all, New Year’s Day is called National Hangover Day for a reason. But don’t let the first day of the year be your worst. The only true cure for a hangover is to abstain from drinking in the first place, but since that’s not realistic, what can you do to treat your hangover? We can’t offer medical advice, and if you’re feeling seriously ill, you should go see a doctor, but there are ways to bounce back after a night of heavy drinking. The best hangover cures help your body re-hydrate and get you back on your feet.

We know that New Year’s Eve isn’t the only time we might overindulge. Holidays, birthdays, and Fridays are all reasons to enjoy a few too many drinks. So if you happen to find yourself reading this after a long night out and it feels like your epic hangover will never end, you’ve come to the right place. While there is no real definitive cure for a hangover­­ –– unfortunately, actions really do have consequences –– you can definitely get yourself back to a livable condition with a combination of these hangover remedies below. Keep reading for the best hangover cures to consider after a night of heavy drinking.


Quick science lesson (because knowledge is power): Electrolytes help regulate fluid levels in your body as well as help transmit nerve signals. Why is this important to know? While you’re out drinking all night to bring in the new year, you’re simultaneously losing a ton of electrolytes, which is one of the reasons your head is pounding and your body is aching. Your body is yearning for hydration.  When your body undergoes massive dehydration, one of the best ways to combat it is with a sports drink like Gatorade. Gatorade has a ton of electrolytes, which helps replenish your hydration levels back to homeostasis. The sodium in the Gatorade can also help with that nasty feeling of lethargy the hangover brings. Don’t over-do Gatorade though. Gatorade has a lot of sugar in it, and if you drink too much, you’ll probably start to upset your stomach. Best to pair a 32-ounce Gatorade with plenty of water.


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Over-the-counter painkillers like Advil can help reduce that pounding headache caused by all that champagne. But you can turn that hangover around on the first day of the new year with a pain reliever like Advil. Advil won’t help you with that queasy stomach, you’ll want to consult some Alka-Seltzer for that, but Advil can reduce the inflammation that is causing that mind-numbing headache. 400 milligrams of Advil paired with a Gatorade and a lot of water should start to put you on the right path to recovery. Just be sure to follow the directions on the container. Taking more than directed won’t make your hangover go away more quickly.

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Hair Of The Dog

While we don’t think it’s a great idea to jump all the way back on the train, having a little bit of the hair of the dog the next morning can help delay those oh-so-horrible hangover feelings. Now, this is no way going to cure your hangover, but if you aren’t quite ready to face the music, it’s a good way to delay the inevitable. Beer actually boosts your endorphins, which helps mask the hangover feelings. Obviously, if you continue to drink, you’ll just dig yourself in a deeper hangover hole. If you can stomach it, we recommend a strong Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, or any of these craft beers to get you through your holiday hangover.

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Waking up for your NYE party in a total fog? Coffee can come to the rescue, especially when it comes to single-serve options. The caffeine in coffee can help reduce the headache, as well as shake the lethargy accompanying your hangover. Just pop one of these little cups in your machine and wait for that life-saving coffee to be ready in seconds. You don’t want to over-do it on the coffee. Even though caffeine is a stimulant, which helps you shake the headache, it is also a diuretic, which can upset your stomach and dehydrate you if you drink too much. Get a cup of coffee or two in you along with some Advil and water and you should be feeling right as rain in no time.

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Pickle Juice

According to drinking lore, pickle juice has long been touted as one of the best hangover cures in the world. It is a bit off the beaten path, but can pickle juice really help relieve your hangover? It’s no cure, but if you can stomach it, pickle juice can rehydrate you quickly and help relieve those body aches and headaches. Pickle Juice was once used to help athletes hydrate quickly to alleviate cramping from dehydration. Pickle juice also has a ton of electrolytes, which can bring your hydration levels back to normal. Of course, pickle juice doesn’t taste awesome. Waking up with an upset stomach, the last thing you might want to do is pound an 8-ounce jar of pickle juice. Of course, if you happen to like pickle juice, then it’s a solid option for a morning beverage.

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Coconut Water

Coconut water can be a lifesaver, and many hungover millennials swear by its healing, hangover-curing properties. And they may be on to something. What sets coconut water apart from other hydration methods? Potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that can help with muscle cramping and weakness while rehydrating your body. Coconut milk has a unique flavor, and some coconut water has little pieces of coconut pulp floating around in it, which can turn some people off. If you enjoy the taste and don’t mind some floaties in your water, coconut water can be a godsend.

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While dropping a couple of these into a glass of water and watching the bubbles surface to the top may make you feel like you are officially a grandpa, it is one of the best ways to keep your stomach from stirring after a heavy night of drinking. This can help reduce stomach acid that can not only lead to nausea but also help curb the morning-after heartburn that is often associated with late-night tequila shots. People have relied on Alka Seltzer to cope with hangovers for generations, but like the best hangover cures, it isn’t going to cure you entirely. You’ll definitely want to pair this with a couple of Advil and plenty of water.

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Pedialyte has become one of the leading beverages for hangovers in recent years. This formula, originally a rehydration drink for toddlers and those with the stomach flu, has become one of the most well-known sports drinks in the world for its electrolyte to sugar ratio. The reason it works so well for adult hangovers is because it delivers all the electrolytes, and more, your body desperately needs from being dehydrated, but it has half the amount of sugar as its sports drink competitors. Tons of sugar will not help your hangover; i will only give you more digestive issues and ultimately a sugar crash that will result in more fatigue. Pedialyte is something you can pre-game with, drink after a night of boozing, and even the morning after to help revive yourself.

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V8 and Saltine Crackers

This one is great if you are really feeling that churning in your stomach. V8 brings a lot to the table. Tomatoes are made of mostly water, which helps rehydrate your body. In combination with the crackers, this mixture will help soak up any leftover alcohol that hasn’t made it into the liver or kidney yet. V8 is also packed full of Vitamin C and other important nutrients. The salt from the crackers will also help settle your stomach. Once you get rid of the queasiness, you should be able to get yourself up to the medicine cabinet and start worrying about that headache.

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IV Treatment

This extreme hangover cure has been touted by social media celebrities and influencers. Companies are popping up in big cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City to cater to a young, hungover customer base. These companies will deliver and hook you up to an IV bag that contains whatever cocktail of rehabilitating ingredients you need to get back on your feet. Generally, the fluids are a saline solution that provides specific nutrients straight to your bloodstream where they can be quickly and efficiently absorbed. This will rehydrate the body and stimulate your digestive and metabolic systems to begin processing out the alcohol and give you more energy. These bags cost a pretty penny though.

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