Travel Tips: Why It’s Worth It to Spend Top Dollar on Your Luggage

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* Cheap suitcases have wheels, handles and exteriors that often break
* Quality luggage might cost more, but it will last for years
* Consider investing in a Samsonite, Storksak or CALPAK bag

People are flying more than ever. And because of that, we need more luggage than ever before, too. Let’s face it — a suitcase is probably the second most important thing you’ll bring with you on vacation. (The first is your identification, of course.)

Prior to a trip, the majority of travelers will head to Amazon or their local department store and find a sturdy-looking suitcase for about $40. They believe they’ve scored a great deal and proceed to the packing stage without thinking twice. Perhaps that bag will make it through one trip without an issue, but by settling for a cheaper suitcase, travelers are setting themselves up for misery. With wheels that get stuck, handles that jam and hard shells that scratch or crack, such suitcases create situations in which travelers are forced to carry their heavy belongings in an awkward manner or completely abandon the luggage mid-trip.

Save yourself the hassle of replacing suitcase after suitcase and invest in high-quality luggage. Bags that are well-designed and well-made might cost five times more than a cheap suitcase, but the more expensive bags will last years. Chances are you’ll go through five cheaper suitcases in that time. Before your next vacation or business trip, dig deep in your wallet and buy yourself a piece of quality luggage. Here are five of the best bags to consider for your new travel companion.

1. Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner

One of the worst qualities of cheap rolling suitcases is their ability to become scratched. On a single trip, those carry-ons go from beautiful to so ugly you never want to carry it again. Luckily, Samsonite has solved this problem in many of their hard-side suitcases. They have done so with a micro-diamond texture that is extremely scratch-resistant. This way, investing in the Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner means your suitcase will stay beautiful trip after trip.

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2. Samsonite Englewood Expandable Hardside Spinner

Beautiful in its simplicity, the Samsonite Englewood Expandable Hardside Spinner beats out many cheaper suitcases through quality alone. The shell is made of scratch, abrasion and water-resistant textured polycarbonate that’s both heavy duty and lightweight. Plus, the telescoping handle can extend to multiple lengths and the four spinner wheels can rotate 360-degrees, meaning traversing crowded airports and bus stops is a breeze with this bag by your side. As an added bonus, the case expands up to 1.5 inches for serial over-packers.

best luggage why invest in expensive suitcase travel tips carry-on Samsonite Englewood 20" Expandable Hardside Carry-On Spinner Image courtesy of Amazon

3. CALPAK Trunk 22-Inch Rolling Suitcase

Who hasn’t dreamt of traveling in the early 1900s? Imagine throwing your trunk onto a train at the platform or a steamship waiting to cross the Atlantic. Now you can bring those romantic images to life with the CALPAK Trunk 22-Inch Rolling Suitcase. Built for the modern age, this vintage-inspired “trunk” boasts a textured, hard-shell exterior and four multi-directional spinner wheels. Inside, two packing compartments make organization easy, and an expansion sleeve creates extra space if needed.

best luggage why invest in expensive suitcase travel tips carry-on calpak Trunk 22-Inch Rolling Suitcase Image courtesy of Nordstrom


4. Storksak Cabin Wheeled 21-Inch Carry-On

Innovative and well-made, the Storksak Cabin Wheeled 21-Inch Carry-On features a hanging organizer that means you only need to pack your suitcase once. Simply put your clothes in the fold-away hanging organizer then hang it up when you get to your destination to create a transportable wardrobe. In addition, this suitcase boasts nearly unbeatable quality. The bag has a genuine leather trim and reinforced piping at the corners. Plus, two webbed handles are complemented by a telescoping handle for rolling convenience.

best luggage why invest in expensive suitcase travel tips carry-on Cabin Wheeled 21-Inch Carry-On with Hanging Organizer Image courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Samsonite L.i.f.t. Wheeled Garment Bag

Frequent business travelers know the value of good luggage. For that reason, the Samsonite L.i.f.t. Wheeled Garment Bag is quite popular among frequent fliers. The most striking feature of this bag is the ease with which it rolls. Samsonite has created an innovative lightweight pull handle and smooth rolling wheels that make dragging even the heaviest of cases like carrying cotton candy. The L.i.f.t. garment bag holds enough clothes for a three-day business trip and fits in most overhead compartments.

best luggage why invest in expensive suitcase travel tips carry-on Samsonite Luggage L.i.f.t. Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag Image courtesy of Amazon

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