Not All Night Lights Are Created Equal: Here’s How To Choose The Best One For Your Sleeping Style

best adult night lights
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* Night lights are useful for different sleeping patterns
* Help light up dark hallways and bathrooms and promote stress-free sleep
* All light affordably prices under $40

Night lights aren’t just for kids anymore. After realizing the benefits that night lights provide, adults are now using them to fix age-old night-time problems by making it easier to go to the bathroom, illuminating dark hallways, and even helping you get better sleep.

To help find the one that matches your sleep style, we’ve pulled these eight night lights that each fix a different night-time problem to make your sleep more restful.

1. TraveT Mushroom Night Light

This simple mushroom shaped night light is an easy way to light up a dark hallway or add a relaxing soft glow to your bedroom. Plus, it’s a pretty great deal at under $3 and a fun-shaped alternative to traditional square or rectangular versions.

Small Night Light Mushroom Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Amethya Himalayan Crystal Night Light

Amethya has created this crystal lamp to soothe allergies and relax breathing for better sleep. It purifies the air by emitting a warm glow through the crystal, while capturing water molecules, reducing dust, pollen and cigarette smoke.

Night Light Crystal Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Glow Bowl Toilet Light

Glow Bowl solves a problem almost everyone can relate too: difficulty going to the bathroom at night. Turning the light on can be too bright for your eyes, and can wake your partner, so Glow Bowl invented this motion-activated toilet light that allows for an easy late-night trip to the bathroom.

Toilet Night Light GlowBowl Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Starlotus Book Night Light

This book shaped night light is cleverly designed to lay flat on a table as a night light, be placed upright as a reading lamp, or be unfolded and used as a light for the whole room. It’s great if you’re moving into a new place, or don’t have room for a variety of lights.

starlotus book light amazon Image courtesy of amazon


5. Soaiy Projection LED Night Light

To help people fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest, Soaiy created this night light that projects a soothing multicolor aurora on your ceiling. It gives you something stress-free to focus on, that’s a million galaxies better than counting sheep.

Sleep Soother Night Light Image courtesy of Amazon


6. GARMAR Cordless Night Light

One of the best uses for night lights is in dark hallways or closets, and this GARMAR does that better than most. It’s battery powered, sticks anywhere, has a motion sensor with a 15 foot radius, and emits a warm light that won’t hurt sleepy eyes. No plugs needed, and no cords or wires to trip you up here.

Battery Motion Night Light Garmar Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ashbringer Dual Port Night Light

One of the issues with having a night light is that it takes up valuable wall socket space where your phone or tablet would usually be charging. This Ashbringer fixes that by simply replacing the outlet it’s using, allowing for night light benefits and phone charging at the same time.

Outlet Night Light Ashbringer Image courtesy of Amazon