Standup Support: 9 Best Phone Stands for Your Mobile Office

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* The right phone stand makes it easier to call, text and stream without lifting a finger
* Options vary from aluminum models to bamboo builds and more
* Some stands even include USB charging docks

Let’s face it: most of us spend our alone time with our smart devices. Whether we’re using it to watch a YouTube video, read the news or make a video call, it can be a hassle to find a good position. That’s why we picked the nine best phone stands that will make your life easier.

From elegantly designed to a firm and sturdy build, there’s one for every need.

1. UGREEN Multi-Angle Cell Phone Stand

With a smart, foldable design, this unique phone stand was meant to be used on the go. The multi-angle design helps you take calls, stream or browse without ever having to move your phone. Built with high-quality ABS plastic and non-sliding rubberized pads, this is one dock you won’t mind taking to the coffee shop.

Multi-Angle Cell Phone Stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. Honsky Thumbs-up Adjustable Phone Stand

This kitschy phone stand gets two thumbs up for its original and effective design. Featuring a highly adjustable build, this phone stand is able to hold items big and small, from your phone to your tablets. You can choose from a variety of colors to best meet your room or desk decor.

Thumbs-up Adjustable Phone Stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Dinosaur Cell Phone Mount

Because who wouldn’t want a cute little dinosaur holding their phone? This durable phone case comes in more than 40 different colors and offers a fun and unique way to mount your phone. Compatible with most smartphone brands, this little dinosaur makes a great addition to any home or office.

dinosaur phone stand Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Solid Aluminum Cell Phone Charging Stand

Featuring a beautiful aluminum build, this charging stand includes two anti-scratch slip pads for your phone and four separate non-slip pads to keep your stand from moving. Available in a variety of elegant colors, this weighted stand adds an extra layer of durability and is a great addition to any home or office table.

Aluminum Cell Phone Charging Stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


5. MagicMount Magnetic Phone Stand

This unique phone stand actually uses magnets to hold your phone. With a 360-degree rotatable ballhead, this phone stand makes it easier to take calls, browse the web and stream videos all while keeping your phone safe.

magnetic phone stand Image Courtesy Amazon


6. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand – BEST REVIEWED

This phone stand’s multi-angled design makes it easier to adjust your phone while connected. With a durable aluminum body and sleek rubberized pads to help keep your phone stabilized, this nifty phone stand works with most smartphone models. It can also hold your Nintendo Switch.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


7. InkoTimes Bamboo Charging Station Dock – BEST VALUE

Not only is this a great smartphone stand, it’s also a portable charger. The beautifully constructed bamboo base was specifically made to hold six different devices all while keeping your various cords and cables tangle-free. More than that, the dock also includes its own USB charging dock.

Bamboo Charging Station Dock Image Courtesy of Amazon


8. Universal Wooden Docking Station

Built from baltic birch plywood, this rugged-looking phone stand works with virtually any smartphone model and is designed to stand the test of time. Best of all, there’s no assembly required. Simply connect the two crafted pieces together and you have a durable phone stand that’s both elegant and effective.

Universal Wooden Docking Station Image Courtesy of Amazon


9. Weighted Charging Dock with Reinforced Lightning Cable – EDITOR’S CHOICE

This premium phone stand features a silicone design with a precision-cut aluminum build to help match the look and style of your phone. More than that, it also offers its own Lightning cable to help charge your devices while you use it.

Charging Dock with Reinforced Lightning Cable Image Courtesy of Amazon

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