Seize Your Salad: Unexpected Toppings for Super Tasty Greens

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* Spice up your salad with these toppings
* A great way to get kids into eating their greens – and adults, too!
* Includes delicious delights such as bacon bits, tea leaves and unique dressings

Eating your daily greens can feel like a chore. While a crisp salad can have have some refreshing appeal on a hot summer day, the same old combinations can become repetitive and boring. For the sake of your tastebuds–and your waistline–we’ve compiled a list of appealing additions to take your lunch to the next level of deliciousness. There’s even a few we’re sure you’ve never thought of.

1. Bacon Bits – BEST VALUE

The perfect avenue for enticing meat lovers to eat salads, bacon bits add some real bite to your greens. With only 25 calories in one tablespoon serving, the hickory smoke flavored pieces also work as toppings for potatoes, pizzas and ice cream.

bacon bits Oscar Mayer Image courtesy Amazon


2. Champagne Caper Dressing – HONORABLE MENTION

Brianna’s champagne caper dressing is full of natural ingredients that come together to deliver a lemony, fresh taste. Ideal for giving your salads a little bit of umph, this versatile bottle can also be used with grilled vegetables and a range of cooked meat.

champagne salad dressing Brianna's Vinaigrette - Champagne Caper Image courtesy Amazon



The more adventurous eaters out there should give chapulines a try. Whilst adding lemon, salt, chili and garlic may not seem like a strange way to spice up a salad, the final ingredient might tip the scales. Chapulines are grasshoppers. If you can’t get enough of these Mexican jumpers on your salads, they also make great finger food whenever you’re feeling peckish.

grasshoppers EntoVida Chapulines Sal y Limon Image courtesy of Amazon


4. BBQ Seasoning – BEST REVIEWED

A classic flavor, BBQ seasoning allows you to have all the flavor of BBQ sauce without the calories. And Chef Paul has been creating this staple since 1983, offering a simple way to add some “magic” to your salads, burgers and grilled meats.

bbq Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Image courtesy of Amazon



Farro is a salad topper right out of Ancient Rome’s cookbook. With its nutty flavor and chewy texture, this Mediterranean mainstay gives your teeth something to chomp into. Alternatively, add farro to your stews or casseroles.

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6. Tea Leaves – EDITOR’S CHOICE

This all-natural salad topping comes all the way from the northern states of Myanmar. Full of individual flavor, the naturally fermented tea leaves are traditionally used with lettuce, lemon, fried beans and tomato to create Burmese tea leaf salad, a punchy dish you’ll enjoy time after time.

Burmese tea leaf salad Yoma Myanmar Image courtesy of Amazon

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