Safe Streaking: How To Clean Any Type of Window, From Home to Car

window cleaning how to wash home
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* Steaks and residues on your window are hard to remove
* Achieve clean and streak-free windows with these cleaning products
* Includes non-drip sprays, moist wipes and an automatic cleaning robot

Do you find that every time you clean your windows you are left with annoying steaks and residues that just never seem to disappear? You aren’t alone. Getting the finest finish on your windows takes the right tools and techniques. We’ve put together a list of 7 great window cleaning products, including at least one that will even do the work for you. Give them a try and learn how to enjoy crystal clear windows in your home and car.

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3 years
I have one of these stainless steel caddies, but not in the shower/bathtub area. It’s placed next...
Chantel Keona
3 years
Thanks for sharing.

1. Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner

Invisible Glass Cleaner allows even the most incompetent of cleaners to achieve windows free from streaks and haze. The cleaner comes as a no-drip, fine-mist spray. Apply it to your windows and glass then wipe it away to leave your surfaces sparkling. You’ll also enjoy windows that are free from the drips or mist marks that are common with other sprays. The Invisible Glass Cleaner is free from ammonia and can remove bug splats and other long-term marks using its foaming action.

3 years
I have one of these stainless steel caddies, but not in the shower/bathtub area. It’s placed next…
Chantel Keona
3 years
Thanks for sharing.
window cleaning how to wash home car invisible glass sprayImage courtesy of Amazon

Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner

$3.57 $6.68 47% OFF

2. Stalwart Windshield Cleaner

With its articulated head, the Stalwart Windshield Cleaner makes cleaning all hard-to-reach areas super easy. Other than a splash of water, it requires no additional glass cleaner and can be easily used on your car windshield, windows and mirrors. Once the microfiber pad is filled with dirt, simply remove it and throw it in the washing machine.

window cleaning how to wash home car microfiber reach tool stalwartImage courtesy of Amazon

Stalwart Windshield Cleaner


3. InterDesign Squeegee Shower Window Cleaner

This durable, plastic squeegee is great for keeping your shower glass in ship shape condition. For easy storage, the handy device comes with a built-in suction hook so you can store your squeegee on any non-porous surface. Plus, the large blade makes cleaning your glass simple and can also be used on bathroom windows and mirrors, too.

window cleaning how to wash home car shower squeegee suctionImage courtesy of Amazon

InterDesign Squeegee Shower Window Cleaner


4. Windex Wipes

Inside each pack of these Windex Wipes, you’ll find 84 individual wipes to help you clean everything from windows to counter tops and toilet seats. Each wipe is pre-moistened and leaves your surfaces with a streak-free shine. The pack also reseals to keep the wipes clean and moistened.

window cleaning how to wash home car windex wipesImage courtesy of Amazon

Windex Wipes


5. Stoner Reach and Clean Tool

If you hate cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your car windshield, the Stoner Reach and Clean Tool was made for you. It has a specially-designed triangular head with curved sides that pivots and allows you to reach every corner of your car. It also includes two washable and reusable microfiber heads as well as a mesh storage bag.

window cleaning how to wash home car stoner reach toolImage courtesy of Amazon

Stoner Reach and Clean Tool

$13.47 $24.99 46% OFF

6. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider

This clever cleaning tool allows you to clean the outside and inside of your glass at the same time. It’s great for higher windows that are hard to get to from the outside. It works through the power of magnets, so the outer half of The Glider cleans exactly where you clean on the inside. In addition, the outside bar comes with safety strings, so it’ll never drop if the magnets become separated. This tool is a great answer for cleaning high floor windows.

window cleaning how to wash home car Tyroler Bright Tools The GliderImage courtesy of Amazon

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider

$43.98 $52.29 16% OFF

7. BaselTek Window Cleaning Robot

Why do the work when you can get a robot to clean for you? The BaselTek Robot is a futuristic answer to cleaning your windows that works on all types of glass as well as tables, floors and ceilings. It’s programmed to clean the whole window space automatically and can move in three programmable directions to achieve its job. The BaselTek Robot also comes with high strength safety ropes, so you don’t need to worry if you set it to work cleaning the outside of your higher windows.

window cleaning how to wash home car Baseltek robotImage courtesy of Amazon

BaselTek Window Cleaning Robot


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