Your Grandfather’s Favorite Grooming Products are Making a Comeback; Here’s What You Need

Your Grandfather’s Favorite Grooming Products are
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* Old school grooming products you can buy in 2019
* Rugged classics your grandpa probably used
* Rum aftershave, straight razors, colognes and more

Your grandpa was probably a suave guy (you’re here, after all). But he didn’t have all the fancy, new-fangled grooming products we have now — and that might have been a good thing. Some guys are starting to use old school grooming products for a more classic, rugged style, and we think it’s worth trying. Here are some of the best throwback grooming products your grandpa probably used.

1. Bay Rum Aftershave

One reviewer said this old school aftershave reminds him of “pirate ships and Caribbean thatched bars.” The unique, masculine scent comes from the main ingredient of rum and a few exotic spices.

Barbershop Aftershave Rum Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Marvis Toothpaste

Marvis is a classic toothpaste that has continued to develop with the toothpaste industry, while sticking to its classic branding. It’s well priced, and if anything, makes your bathroom shelf look a little cooler.

Old Toothpaste Marvis Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Straight Edge Safety Razor

Straight edge razors don’t just make you look cooler — they provide a closer shave, and they’ll save you some money in the long run with cheaper blades.

Straight Edge Razor Safety Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Shave Soap

Premium shave soaps like this one from Dr. Harris Arlington used to be more common, but have been largely replaced by budget drug store shaving creams. But if you enjoy a fresh, close shave, we highly recommend upgrading to something like this.

Shave Soap Barbershop Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Badger Shave Brush

Another way to upgrade your shaving routine and get that old school, close-shaven look is a good badger brush. We recommend this one from Viking’s Blade because it boasts a very high-quality build that’ll last longer than most.

Shaving Brush Badger Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Eau De Botot Mouthwash

Instead of alcohol and chemicals, this Eau de Botot mouthwash uses cinnamon, gilliflower and ginger. This not only makes your breath better but also warms the gums and improves circulation.

eau-de-botot Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Caswell-Massey Jockey Club Cologne

If you’ve been unable to find a good cologne, it might be because they’re all pretty similar. This Jockey Club cologne offers a much more unique scent that’s somehow both sophisticated and classically rugged.

Classic Cologne Men's Jockey Image courtesy of Amazon


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