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How I Incorporate Essential Oils Into My Everyday Routine (And How You Can Too)

From the time I wake up, to the time I retire to my bed, there’s an arsenal of essential oils I use throughout the day that have come to be a fundamental addition to my daily routine.

Why Essential Oils?

If used correctly, essential oils offer a great host of benefits; they’re a great way to treat a myriad of ailments, enhance your mood, and they’re a great secret weapon to add to your skin and hair care routine. In addition to being incredibly versatile in use, they are easy to find and because they are heavily concentrated, a little goes a long way, so they can last you a very long time!

Depending on your specific ailment (headaches, anxiety, sinuses) or skincare needs (wrinkle reduction, fungal infection), you can find an essential oil that can best serve you (please also note that it is NOT recommended that you use essential oils in lieu of prescribed medications/ointments without proper supervision by your physician). Many essential oils are enriched with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-aging properties that have been used for thousands of years and have continued to be proven beneficial.

What Are Essential Oils?

Let’s back up for all of you noobs out there. What exactly are essential oils and where do they come from?

As aforementioned, these liquid gems have been around and used by our ancestors for thousands of years.The Egyptians used these aromatic oils for perfume, meditation, to bring about love, to channel their warrior instincts and to appease their gods. The use and knowledge of these aromatic oils traversed the ancient world and developed into what we know as essential oils today.

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The most common way in which essential oils are made is through distillation – often times by using steam and resulting in a very concentred “essence” of certain medicinal plants.


How I Incorporate Essential Oils In My Daily Routine:

We have now reached the “meat and potatoes”. For me, I use essential oils for three main reasons: to elevate my mood; maintain hair and skin health; and to help me breathe easier. You can personalize your essential oil arsenal to meet your specific needs; but just know there is an essential oil that can help you.

Please be warned that this is not an exhaustive list, but rather just a small glimpse of how I tap into the powers of essential oils, and how they help me on a daily basis.


Mood Boosters


I get my daily dose of Aromatherapy by using these babies every morning in the shower (works beautifully with steam). They help to elevate my mood, boost my cognitive abilities and keep me energized. In lieu of using in the shower, you can opt in for a diffuser set and reap the benefits from your desktop.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint is as essential as an essential oil can get. I use this by adding it to my shower and allowing the steam to do its magic. Peppermint is great for waking you up in the morning by increasing alertness, improving attitude and is great for boosting concentration (that’s why I keep a bottle at my work desk; can be used by gently rubbing a small drop under your nose as is needed).

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2. Lavender

If you’re like me and also suffer from anxiety, then you will definitely want to have Lavender on hand (literally). Apply about 2-3 drops of lavender into your palms, rub and inhale (take deep breaths).

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3. Cedarwood

About thirty minutes before its time to hit the hay, I apply Cedarwood to both of my temples and my browridge to help prepare me for a night of rest. Accented with a hint of a warm and woodsy fragrance, Cedarwood acts as a natural sedative and can help to combat insomnia.

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Hair & Skincare


1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a necessity for my hair regimen. I am always actively looking for ways to keep my hair thick and healthy and Rosemary has proven to be beneficial because it promotes hair growth, thanks to its ability in aiding cellular generation. Simply add a couple drops to your favorite shampoo or conditioner and voila! Easy and effortless way to add this potent essential oil.

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2. Geranium

I am always looking for preventative measures (that are easy on my wallet) for combating wrinkles (also great for treating acne). Simply add 2 drops of Geranium Oil to a 4oz. bottle of Argan Oil and apply it to freshly washed face every night. Geranium tightens facial skin and can help slow down the effects of aging.

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Breathe Easy


Whether you’re suffering from congestion, a head cold, sinuses or asthma, aromatherapy may be a great addition to your daily routine to keep your respiratory system clear of mucous – helping you to breathe easier!

1. Eucalyptus

If you’re a fan of steam rooms (gym, spa or perhaps a bath), try rubbing a few drops on your chest and allow the Eucalyptus to work its wonders! Eucalyptus oils reacts directly with your mucous membranes to loosen it up – making it easier for you to cough it up.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil is a true gem. Because Tea Tree Oil has potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it works well for not only ACNE, hair loss, and fighting body odor, it’s great for fighting off bacteria that leads to respiratory infections.

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Thea beauty of essential oils is in their versatility. There is an essential oil for everything (that far exceeds this list such as cleaning). With some careful research and your arsenal of handy essential oils, you are ready to combat your day (or night)!