Brainy Bags: 8 Backpacks and Messengers That Show Off Your Geeky Side

kanji the worst backpack
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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* Bags ranging from Science-y to Cybergoth
* Star Wars, Rick and Morty, and more
* Plus one of the most hilarious gym bags we have ever seen

Nerds have a long tradition of unique carryalls, from the prototypical very overstuffed backpack trying to hold its burden of Advanced Topics in Physics, War and Peace, an enormous graphing calculator, and the memory of a decade of wedgies, to the day-goo fanny packs worn in ‘80s movies.

Now that being nerdy is fully mainstream though, there are plenty of stylish options to show off your geeky side while carting around a “reasonable” number of tomes and electronic devices. Here are eight of the best geeky backpacks, messenger bags, and other interesting methods of carrying items.

1. James Webb Space Telescope Messenger

No, it’s not to suggest you’re a beekeeper. The cool honeycomb pattern on this messenger bag is a representation of the James Webb Space Telescope’s mirror array. Far out!

Space Telescope Bag Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Batman Backpack

Batman’s got the famous utility belt, but if you’ve ever tried to carry a MacBook Pro in a utility belt, well you’d need Hank Pym’s ant-man formula and that’s in an entirely different universe.

Batman Backpack Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. 8-Bit Rainbow Backpack

This happy 8-bit rainbow is an appropriate emblem for a backpack that’s both aesthetically pleasing and simply useful.

8-bit Rainbow Backpack Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Star Wars Rebel Canvas Bag

When you’re a rebel you have to travel prepared; this canvas bag has plenty of pockets and hiding places, sort of like the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Backpack Courtesy ThinkGeek


5. EL Wire “The Worst” Kanji Backpack

Straight out a crowd scene in a futuristic Anime, this ThinkGeek exclusive Cyberpunk/ cybergoth backpack is sarcastic and colorful, with “The Worst” written in light up EL Wire Kanji on the back.

Cyberpunk backpack Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Mercury 6 Messenger Bag

Celebrate the Space Age by carrying your slide rule around in this retro-look Mercury 6 commemorative messenger bag. It features a pressure-suit inspired design and the mission patch from John Glenn’s historic spaceflight.

Mercury 6 Messenger Bag Courtesy ThinkGeek


7. Rick and Morty Space Monster Backpack

This laptop/ tablet friendly backpack has a cool Rick and Morty space monster encounter scene printed on the back.

Rick and Morty Backpack Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Pokemon Trainer Duffel Bag

One of the cutest and also most ironic gym bag options out there, this gray duffel with the Pokemon logo proclaims you a “Pokemon Trainer.”

Pokemon Trainer Bag Courtesy ThinkGeek


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