Men, Here’s What Women Wish You Would Do To Boost Your Attractiveness Level

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Let’s cut to the chase: there are a few easy ways to make yourself more attractive to women. With a few simple changes to your daily grooming routine, you can show the world the best version of yourself. Sure, hitting the gym regularly, being genetically blessed, and having a good job are all great, but we’ve found some affordable bonus hacks that are sure to make every guy a little more attractive. And the best part? You can easily grab a few (or all) of these products and quickly integrate them into your daily routines.

Some guys might think that investing time and energy into their grooming and appearance is shallow, but that’s not true. Confidence is the best way to make yourself more attractive to women, and confidence comes from respecting yourself. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your physical appearance and hygiene. You will feel better and look better, and women will notice. It’s time to upgrade your shampoo, ditch your college-days deodorant and switch to a toothpaste that will actually give you a brighter smile. All of this (and more) below.


1. Take Care Of Your Smile

A good smile can work wonders for your appearance, but stained and yellow-tinged teeth can have the opposite effect. This teeth-whitening charcoal powder naturally and effectively makes any smile brighter and more inviting, making a huge difference when you’re talking to women (or anyone, for that matter).

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2. Maintain Your Beard

If you’ve got a beard, make sure to keep it luscious and healthy — not scraggly, smelly and unkempt. The best way to do this is with a complete beard kit like this one, which includes beard oil, balm, two combs, and styling scissors. Beards aren’t for everyone, but trust us, your lady will love it if you keep yours in check.

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3. Own One Pair of Oxford Dress Shoes

Sure, sneakers may be the hottest footwear of the moment for some, but a closet full of only sneakers is not what a woman wants to see. At least one good pair of dress shoes will show that you’re a real adult, who maybe even has a real job. We love these Oxfords from ASOS because they are handsome and affordable, and will instantly upgrade any outfit.

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4. Trim Your Ears & Nose Hairs

Trimming your nose and ears is easy to forget because it can be tricky to accomplish this underrated grooming task without the right tools. But because it’s something women take notice of, we recommend investing in a good nose trimmer like this one. If the task sounds daunting, don’t fret. All you have to do is flip this little guy on and do some light trimming here and there like you would your beard or other parts of your body. It’s an easy thing to overlook, but a great one to add to the routine.

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5. Get Your Finances In Order

Let’s face it: money matters. You don’t have to be as rich as a rap star, but having your finances in order will make you more attractive to women. One way to improve your financial savviness is this book, The Richest Man in Babylon, which uses ancient parables to teach lessons about accruing, growing, and preserving wealth.

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6. Clean Your Mattress At Least Once a Month

If you scratched your head at “clean your mattress,” we definitely recommend getting this mattress cleaner. Just like your sheets and clothes, mattresses get dirty. Plus, they can get mites and bed bugs, which, needless to say, can ruin a good night before it starts.

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7. Banish Body Odor

Some guys think it’s OK to go au naturel with their scent. While wearing a cologne is a personal preference, B.O. is never desirable. However, you can fix it with a masculine, nice smelling body wash like this Everyone 3-in-1 soap.

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8. Keep Your Hands and Feet Well Groomed

Keeping your finger and toenails clean and freshly trimmed is another small detail that makes a big difference. This nail trimming kit comes with everything you need, including a variety of clippers, and it only costs $10. Our recommendation: Buy two of these kits. Keep one in your bathroom and one in your travel bag so you’re always covered no matter where you go.

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9. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

No one likes kissing dry and flaky lips. It’s important to keep that muzzle healthy and moisturized (especially in the dry winter air), so we recommend a good lip balm like this one from Jack Black. Use this stuff generously and if you’re dealing with overly dry lips from the cold, we recommend putting it on nightly before bed.

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10. Fight Signs of Aging

Keep lines, wrinkles, and blemishes at bay with this Neutrogena’s daily lotion for men. It’s an effective triple action formula that soothes after a shave, moisturizes, and provides protection with a light SPF. It’s not the sort of thing that will make a difference today or tomorrow, but after a few years of use, you’ll be happy you invested.

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11. Own One Great Anti-Perspirant & Regular Deodorant

Scent is more important than you might think. Bad BO will turn a woman away, but a nice smell actually makes you appear more physically attractive. One of the easiest ways to dial in your scent is a reliable deodorant and antiperspirant to combat sweaty, stinky pits. We like this deodorant from Dove because it has a lasting 48 hour protection time, built-in moisturizer to protect skin and rave reviews from customers.

men's deodorant dove Courtesy of Amazon

Another great hack for BO is Sweatblock wipes. They’re wipes with clinical strength antiperspirant that blocks sweat for up to 7 days. Plus, you can easily break one out in the bathroom at work or while traveling for emergencies.

Antiperspirant wipes clinical strength Courtesy of Amazon

And if you’re looking for regular deodorant, you can’t beat Old Spice. Since 1937, Old Spice has been helping American men smell great. Their Pure Sport deodorant will leave you smelling fresh and clean all day long. And because this roll-on deodorant isn’t white, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes.

old spice deodorant pure sport Courtesy of Amazon

12. Take Care of Your Hair

Many guys just reach over and use whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower, and even more don’t use conditioner when cleaning their locks. Investing in a serious men’s shampoo and conditioner is one easy way to upgrade that mane. We recommend this set from Brickell because it has a formula for men that uses natural ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E and tea tree oil to not only clean your hair but protect it as well.

men's shampoo and conditioner brickell Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re starting to see some thinning in your hair, don’t fret — it’s fixable. One way to slow the thinning, or even stop it altogether, is a good biotin shampoo. Biotin strengthens hair follicles and softens the hair fibers, translating to a thicker, fuller head of hair. If you fall into this category, go for Honeydew’s brand of Biotin shampoo. Not only is it an affordable option, this shampoo has five-star reviews from nearly 1,300 happy customers. Who are we to say they’re all wrong?

anti thinning shampoo biotin Courtesy of Amazon


13. Manage Your Man Hormones

Boosting your testosterone with supplements can significantly boost your sex drive, improve your ability to grow muscle at the gym and up your overall mood. This will give a serious boost in confidence, and as we all know, confidence is key when it comes to attraction. Throw a tablespoon of this D-aspartic acid into a shake before breakfast each day to up your T levels.

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14. Buy New Underwear

You made it. You’ve got your pants off with a partner and… you’re rocking old, raggedy underwear. Upgrade to some fresh, high-quality undergarments, such as these Polo Ralph Lauren boxers. You’ll feel better walking around with clean, new undies on, and your partner will be impressed (because too many guys don’t upgrade their underwear often enough).

grey boxers polo ralph lauren Courtesy of Amazon


15. Clean Your Private Parts

This is the final step: make sure your downstairs is fresh. Our private bits benefit greatly from soap with a different formula than soap for the rest of your body, so we recommend picking up a good intimate wash. This one from Manscaped controls pH (for soft private parts) and leaves a faint, manly scent.

intimate wash men's manscaped Courtesy of Amazon


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