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This Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak Cures Fungus & Smelly Feet

* Natural formula helps to gently soothe your feet and reduce fungi
* Harnesses the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil to combat odor
* Soothing Epsom salt to help reduce tension and pain 

If you’ve been wearing flip-flops all summer, or tend to walk ‘au natural’ without socks, you probably know all too well how strong your feet can smell. Sure, a little soap and water can go a long way, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Fortunately, this luscious foot soak offers a convenient, reliable, and relaxing way to sooth your toes and nails and help rid your feet of foul odor.

With the powers of Epsom salt and antibacterial tea tree oil, this potent blend helps to rid your feet of odor-causing fungi and bacteria.

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Great for everyday athletes, people who work on their feet all day or simply those of us who constantly deal with dry and/or smelly feet, this foot soak soothes sore feet and gets rid of odors the natural way.

Designed for nighttime use, simply drop two or three tablespoons in warm water for instant relief. This multifunction treatment can even be used to help rid your toes of the wretched athlete’s foot. With regular use, this 16-ounce bag is sure to last a while. Go ahead, show your feet some love.


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