7 Best-Selling (And Safe) Ways to Remove Ear Wax

how to remove ear wax
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* Ear wax build-up can lead to discomfort and partial hearing loss
* Using Q-tips may push wax deeper and cause damage to your eardrums
* These 7 alternatives provide a safer and easier way to remove ear wax

Ear wax, like all the other secretions produced by our bodies, has a function. In terms of ear wax, the skin inside your ear canal is protected, lubricated and cleaned by having this substance around. You also enjoy further protection from unwanted invaders like fungi, bacteria, water and insects.

While ear wax isn’t something many people need to think or worry about, others experience high wax production. In these individuals, build-ups can occur, causing irritation. In these cases, many seek relief in the form of a Q-tip, shoving it in their ear to clean the ear canal. The problem in doing so is that Q-tips tend to push wax further into the ear, compacting the wax. In the worst cases, this could lead to partial hearing loss and even damage the eardrum.

The good news is that Q-tips aren’t the only way. Learn how to remove ear wax with these 7 safe and best-selling alternatives to Q-tips. In the end, you’ll end up with clearer and more comfortable ears.

1. Acu-Life Oto-Scoop Removal Tool

If you love Q-tips and want something similar but safer, the Acu-Life Oto-Scoop is a great option. This easy-to-use removal tool features a flexing tip for scooping wax out from your ears. The design also sports a safety guard to protect your eardrum and ensure you can’t push the device too far inside the canal. It’s also easily reusable and simple to clean.

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2. Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops

Sometimes not touching your ears is the best course of action, and with these Debrox Earwax Removal Drops you won’t have to. These doctor and pharmacist-recommended drops feature a clinically proven active ingredient that produces a micro foam to give you a simple, quick and non-irritating way to remove earwax. With these effective drops, you’ll never have to touch another Q-tip again.

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3. Infina Electric Earwax Removal Kit

The Infina Electric Removal Kit can be used by adults and children alike for a strong-suction ear cleaning. It’s a handheld device that uses battery power to produce suction through the soft and durable head. The device is also simple to clean after every use. The head is 2.5cm to suit the average human ear, and the kit comes with its own case for storage at home or when you travel.

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4. DEPSTECH USB Digital Ear Scope

While you may already think you understand the inner ear environment, this digital ear scope gives you the chance to view it live. Using your smartphone or other connected electronic device, you can examine the inside of your ear canal using one of the 4 different sized adapters included in the kit. In this way, you’ll see live images as you move the camera around. The cable camera also features several LEDs, which can be adjusted to provide the correct amount of light for capturing well-exposed images.

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5. Equadose Hear Earwax Remover

With the Equadose Hear Earwax Remover , you’ll enjoy professional standard treatment in the comfort of your home. Loved by doctors and the public alike, this effective cleaning treatment uses warm water and over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide to clear annoying wax build ups. The easiest way to use the remover is to have a second person perform the cleaning treatment for you. As an added bonus, the remover comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the effectiveness of the treatment.

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6. Doctor Easy Wax-Rx Ear Wash System

This Doctor Easy ear wash kit contains everything you need to get your ears clean and wax-free 3 times. Inside, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to use the washer, drops and basin to deeply clean your ears and free them from wax build ups. If you are still unsure about this product, there are plenty of people who have tried and found the treatment to be the answer they were looking for. That can clearly be seen by the 240+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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7. OTO-Tip Soft Spiral Earwax Cleaner

Sporting a barrel size most similar to the average electric toothbrush, the OTO-Tip Soft Spiral Earwax Cleaner is a quick and simple way to remove build ups. The device is suitable for use on a daily basis and comes with 10 replacement tips, giving you enough spares to keep your ears clear for a long time. The rotating device also features a protective shield, which prevents you from being able to push too far into your ear canal. This device is ideal for both children and adults.

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