Make Mornings Healthier With This Modern Twist on a Kitchen Classic

KRUPS ZX800 Silver Art Collection Citrus
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* Stainless steel rotating juice press
* Multi-directional cone allows optimal juice yield and prevents food waste
* Automatic mechanism to start/stop with applied pressure

Kick start your mornings with a glass of home-pressed citrus juice. It’s the perfect way to wake up and deliver an early morning vitamin C boost, ensuring that you have an optimal start to the day.

Dreamed up by some of Europe’s top designers, the KRUPS ZX800 Silver Art Collection Citrus Press combines the look and feel of a traditional kettle with the function of a electric juicer. Juxtaposing high-gloss design with natural wood trim, it’s ideal for producing homemade juice with ease, while bringing in a delightfully elegant air to your kitchen counter. 

KRUPS Juice Press

The easy-to-use press offers a 1-¼-quart capacity. The universal cone can press any kind of citrus fruit and is multi-directional in order to maximize juice yield and minimize food waste. KRUPS went one step further with this intelligent tool, by eradicating the start and stop buttons through a clever, pressure-responsive juicing cone. Simply press down on the cone to start the juicer and release the pressure to make it stop. Once your juicing is complete, the detachable, 360-degree rotating base makes pouring your juice easy. It also makes clean-up a breeze, popping out for easy rinsing. 

krups juicer

Made from stainless steel, with sophisticated chrome and wood optics, the KRUPS Juicer offers purity in both design and function.

Enjoy the benefits of fresh-squeezed, vitamin-infused juice filled with minerals, antioxidants, essential enzymes and natural antibiotics. You can rest assured that your juice has zero preservatives and has not endured the pasteurization process that many shelf juices go through, which can often remove many of the naturally occurring minerals and vitamins.

Whether you’re squeezing out a glass of OJ for breakfast, or squeezing some limes for a mojito, the KRUPS Silver Art Collection Citrus Press is the juicing tool you need for your modern kitchen.

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