Wayfaring Words: Inspiring Mottos From Around the World

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* The most inspiring mottos from around the world will give you wanderlust
* Showing off these sayings are an easy way to let people know your outlook
* Products include t-shirts, laptop covers, stickers and books

Mottos are defined as a short sentence or phrase that encapsulates the ideals, beliefs or outlooks of a particular person, people, institution or even, as is the case here, nation. We’ve taken a look through some of the world’s most loved mottos and sayings to get you inspired to travel. Printed on everything from t-shirts to laptop covers, not only do these fun phrases give people a look into your personality, they give others insight into what inspires you.

1. France: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Coined by Robespierre during his epic speech in 1970, these three famous words encapsulated the French Revolution and are now the national motto of France and Haiti. Whether you subscribe to what they stand for or simply think they sound pretty cool, get the famous words in the form of a sticker. The removable and individually die-cut stickers are great for adorning laptops, journals and other flat surfaces. Each sticker also features a 3.2mm white border to help the design pop from wherever you choose to put it.

France: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” Image courtesy of Redbubble


2. Vietnam: “Độc lập-Tự do-Hạnh phúc”

Independence, Freedom and Happiness” or for anyone who can read and speak Vietnamese, “Độc lập-Tự do-Hạnh phúc.” It’s easy to see where the motto comes from and to celebrate it. So why not get yourself one of these beautifully produced $2 bills? They are even legal tender in the United States. The bill comes in a blue folio for easy display and a certificate of authenticity. It’s a great gift for money collectors out there or anyone who loves their dollar bills enhanced to a level approaching a work of art.

language quotes inspiring travel mottos vietnam independence freedom happiness usd color 2 bill Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Canada: “A Mari usque ad Mare”

If you enjoy a little Latin in your life, this “A Mari usque ad Mare” t-shirt is certainly a great addition to your wardrobe. For those out there who aren’t familiar with Latin, this motto translates as ‘From sea to sea’ and is the national motto of Canada. In terms of this shirt, the large lettered saying is also accompanied by a small maple leaf at the bottom. This might make a great gift for your favorite Canadian friend.

Canada: “A Mari usque ad Mare” Image courtesy of Redbubble


4. Ireland: “Sine Metu”

If it’s good enough to be branded on the side of every bottle of whiskey produced by the Jameson Distillery, this motto is probably good enough for the front of your t-shirt, too. “Sine Metu” translates to “Without Fear,” the family motto of Jameson Irish Whiskey. If fearlessness is something you pride yourself in, you’re sure to feel great in this t-shirt. The motto is presented within a circular design, and there’s also a bird on the front of the grey, slim-fit shirt.

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5. Denmark: “Hygge”

As one of the world’s happiest nations, Denmark has a few tips and tricks when it comes to being happy. Hygge, which is pronounced like “Hoo-Ga”, is less a motto and more of a philosophy the Danish follow. It focuses on togetherness, well-being and comfort. In this handy book, you’ll find helpful hints for improving your joy and contentment in the Danish way. Examples include turning off your phone in social situations to ensure you are in the moment, taking breaks for yourself and eating what you want from time to time.

language quotes inspiring travel mottos denmark little book of hygge Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Indonesia: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”

With over 2000 inhabited islands, it comes as no surprise that Indonesia’s motto is born from diversity. “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” translates from old Javanese to “Unity in Diversity.” If you like how that sounds, get a physical representation of the motto with this laptop cover. The gloss-finished cover features a map of the country displayed in a range of colors. It’s easy to remove, scratch resistant and can be custom cut to ensure it fits your laptop.

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