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Activated Coconut Charcoal: Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way

* Features all-natural activated charcoal and coconut
* Easy to use and absent of harmful chemicals
* See results in as few as two treatments

For most of us, when we hear the word “charcoal” we don’t automatically think “whitening.” However, Active Wow has combined active charcoal and coconut in its latest all-natural whitening powder.

Unlike most clinical whitening products, which contain peroxide and can be harsh on teeth and gums, Active Wow purifies and detoxifies your mouth, gums and teeth using naturally derived ingredients. It’s designed to target common stains, such as those caused by coffee, wine or cigarettes.

Most customers have reported seeing results in as few as one to two treatments, when used twice a day. You simply apply it like you would toothpaste, and brush your teeth as normal. In addition to containing organic coconut and charcoal, it also contains Bentonite and Orange Seed Oil, two other natural whiteners.

To use, just wet your tooth brush and dab it in the powder. After removing the excess, brush your teeth as you usually would for between one and two minutes. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

We all want a beautiful smile. Now we can go from harsh peroxides to a safer, happier and healthier way to achieve a brighter smile.