The Best Slim Phone Card Holders for Stealthier Storage

Ringke Slot Card Holder
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Cell phones continue to get bigger, but our wallets aren’t getting any smaller. Sure, the iPhone 13 looks and feels great, but it also takes up some serious real estate. Between your phone and your wallet, it can feel like you’re constantly weighed down. That’s why phone card holders are becoming so popular.

Phone card holders are a nifty add-on, allowing you to stick a few cards and/or money onto the back of your phone case, turning any smartphone into a slim wallet and eliminating the need to travel with constantly full pockets — or those big, bulky wallets.

All of the above makes phone card holders one of the best phone accessories you can invest in. But, while you’re busy pimping your buzzer, why not go all out with a few further upgrades? When shopping for ways to upgrade your phone setup, here are some items to consider:

  • Phone Card Holder – The one we keep talking about is the best way to keep your cards and cash safe without carrying a separate wallet. It’s genius really.
  • Case – The best protection for your beloved smartphone is a phone case. There are styles to suit all tastes, or if you’re only concerned with the safety of your cell phone, there are also heavy-duty options that claim to withstand any drop, crash or dunk.
  • Headphones – Of course, your headphones should sound good, but these days, they should also look good. Always be sure to check the type of attachment you need if you’re buying a wired pair. Alternatively, if you’re more of a wireless wizard, then you can also personalize and style your pod case to match your other phone gadgets.
  • Pop Socket – One of the newest phone accessories to hit the market and take phone customization by storm is the Pop Socket. Simply stick it onto the back of your phone, pop it out and use your fingers to keep a firm grip on your phone. However, it’s unlikely there will be space on the back of your phone for both a phone sleeve wallet card holder and a pop socket.

Out of all the accessories available, we’re sure you can see by now, a phone card holder is our highest recommendation for you. Seriously, how many cards and coupons do you have hunkered in the back of your wallet? And how many of those do you actually use on a daily basis? By eliminating the excess and sticking to a few tried-and-true essentials, you can ditch the old wallet altogether and keep your cards and cash on your phone.

Thankfully, most phone sleeve card holders are compatible with pretty much any smartphone model, so there’s little need to worry when it comes to sizing yours up. Some of the most common compatible phone models include:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone SE 2022
  • iPhone 8 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 + iPhone 7
  • Samsung S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 and Samsung Galaxy A52

However, it is always better to be on the safe side by checking the wallet size against the open space you have on the back of your smartphone. This way you can avoid any unnecessary disappointment.

Our selection of the best phone card holders are all compact, provide ample card storage and will blend with any phone case design. From budget-friendly options to designs for avid sports fans, these phone wallet sleeves have your style and carrying needs covered.


1. Smartish Wallet Case


With positive ratings and reviews from over 90% of the Amazon customers who own it, you can be confident you’re going to like this Smartish Wallet Case. Made for the iPhone 13, but available for a number of different phone models, this stealthy wallet case doesn’t just protect your valuables, it also protects your phone. The case is constructed from an ultra-light, thin material that you can count on to give your phone the protection it deserves. What’s more, it features enough room to hold up to three cards alongside a few bills. With seven available colors (plus the option to design your own), it’s no surprise this wallet case takes the number one spot.

phone sleeve wallet card holder smartish Courtesy of Amazon


2. Fulgamo Phone Card Holder


The Fulgamo Phone Card Holder is a simple and cost-friendly attachment for your phone to keep your cards and cash safe as you’re on the move. The spandex and lycra blend material allows for a flexible stretch to wrap itself around your belongings and then pull them in tight. Given the price, these aren’t the most durable of phone card holders, but there are two included with each purchase. So, when your first is looking a little tired, you’ll have another at the ready.

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fulgamo case for cards, best phone card holder Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bellroy Phone Case


We’re such big fans of this phone case wallet that we recently named it one of the best men’s wallets of the year. This iPhone 12 and 12 Pro case is one of the best cases you can snag if you’re worried about your card holder being too obvious. We get it, not everyone wants to have their cards on display for everyone to see. Luckily, this phone case has a spot to keep your cards that’s totally hidden from on-lookers. Slide three of your most precious cards right into the back of the phone so they can rest safely. They’ll never fall out, they’ll never get lost and they’ll always have a secure place to stay put.

bellroy wallet card case iphone Courtesy of Bellroy


4. Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe


One of the reviews that stuck out to us most when looking at the Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe? “Expensive but worth it.” This leather wallet is constructed to stick on the back of your phone and hold some of your most precious cards. It’s complete with MagSafe to keep your credit cards safe, too. Meaning, yeah, nobody can zip by you really quick and charge your card without your knowledge.

Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe Courtesy of Target


5. Popsockets Popwallet


You’re already familiar with Popsockets, aren’t you? They’re those little extensions that grip the back of your phone so users can better hold on to their smartphones. But, not only do Popsockets consist of extendable grips, they’ve also got some of the best wallet card holders to slap on the back of your phone. Just check out this one, it’s sleek, can hold up to three cards and you can even add a Popsockets grip to the mix if desired.

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Popsockets Popwallet Courtesy of Popsockets


6. Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder


Crafted from genuine leather and compatible with both iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and more, the Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder is built to last. Strong 3M adhesive keeps it firmly attached to your phone, and the non-slip interior grip keeps your cards safe. Instead of rocking an everyday wallet case that makes your phone look a little more meh, consider this elegant option instead.

Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder Courtesy of Amazon


7. Pela Case Green Phone Case Card Holder


Not only is this case holder green in color, but it’s also green in nature. Pela Case’s Green Phone Case Card Holder is a thin, durable phone wallet that can stick to the back of any smartphone that’s fully compostable. Here, you’ll be able to hold two IDs or credit cards safely on the back of your phone while adding a pop of color. Not only will you be protecting your cards, but you will be protecting the planet.

Pela Case Green Phone Case Card Holder Courtesy of Pela Case


8. Shanshui Phone Card Holder


With five phone card holders included in this multipack from Shanshui, each item costs a little over one dollar. That’s an absolute steal. There’s a range of unisex, dark tones to choose from along with a brighter blue and a pink shade, too. Each of the holders is backed with a strong adhesive which will keep a sturdy hold when in use yet ensures a clean removal when required.

shanshui multi pack of cases, best phone card holder Courtesy of Amazon


9. Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet


Need a reliable phone sleeve that’ll last a while and doesn’t cost a small fortune? The Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet is a smart choice for the buyer on a budget. With a top cover on the pocket in order to add an extra level of security, this case stores your cards without taking up extra space. Furthermore, the spandex material won’t lose its elasticity over time, giving you a product that will hold up to repeated use.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeves elastic Courtesy of Amazon


10. Ridge Card Case


Leather cases are some of the most dapper the world has seen. And, when a handsome leather phone case works additionally as a card holder? Well, that’s just a double-whammy. The Ridge Card Case is made for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini. It’s made with 100% full-grain leather and uses a dual-slot design to keep two cards safely attached to the back of your phone. Just throw your ID and debit card on and leave the house without even snagging your wallet.

Ridge Card Case, best phone card holder Courtesy of Ridge


11. Fulgamo Phone Pocket


All couples love having a few ‘his and hers’ items around the house, so why not treat you and your partner to a pair of Fulgamo Phone Pockets? Both pockets included in the pack follow a marble design, but one has a lighter color palette and one has a darker pattern. They also feature a hood to fold over your cards, ensuring they’re fully enclosed when traveling on the back of your phone for extra security.

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best phone card holder - fulgamo marble card Courtesy of Amazon


12. Arokimi Phone Card Holder


This faux-leather Phone Card Holder from Arokimi will give you that professional edge, even on a budget. It’s completed to a universal size, so it will fit on the back of most smartphones. Once in place, you can simply slide out the card tray of five using the tag at the top in order to access your cards. As an added benefit, the card holder is RFID blocking, so you’ll be safe from scammers.

phone card holder arokimi detachable case Courtesy of Amazon


13. Biajiya Phone Card Holder


The Biajiya Phone Card Holder makes a wonderful gift for any smartphone-using girlfriend, sister or mom. Each order includes two champagne-colored, leather-like card holders, one in gold and one in rose. Both come with a hoop installed on the back for a secure hold of the smartphone when in use and a bit of added gold bling for fashion points. This card holder will fit on any smartphone that’s larger than an iPhone X.

phone card holder biajiya ring case Courtesy of Amazon


14. Sinjimoru Phone Card Holder Case


For a slight twist on the usual slide-in phone card holders, the Sinjimoru Phone Card Holder Case offers a fold-out option, giving a full view of its contents. Inside, there’s a clip for holding onto your stored cash and cards. To install, simply attach the two included adhesive strips to either side of your phone, and then attach the card holder. This phone case is of a universal size yet is still small enough to stay out of the way of your camera despite its unique design.

sinjimoru back card holder Courtesy of Amazon


15. Ringke Slot Card Holder


If you’re someone who wants to give your phone protection and have it carry your cards without hiding the true beauty of the phone itself, a see-through case and card holder to match might be exactly what you need. For the latter, the Rinke Slot Card Holder is the best solution and will hold your card securely in place on the back of your phone without interfering with any other designs present. And, when you’re not using it to carry your cards, you’ll hardly see the card holder there.

ringke phone Courtesy of Amazon


16. Ringke Slot Card Holder


The Ringke Slot Card Holder design has three benefits: first, it’s built from high-quality, hard plastic for a convenient carry and extra security; second, the card slot design offers quick access to your two main cards; and third, its extra thin structure means you’ll barely notice this pocket is attached to your phone. The cut-out at the bottom allows you to push out the cards for easy access. If you need a wallet sleeve that packs a little more punch (and room), you can’t go wrong here.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve card slot Courtesy of Amazon


17. Area Leather Wallet Case


For ultimate safety, storage and style, you need the Area Leather Wallet Case. It’s available in a huge range of colors, including red and white. It also comes complete with a wrist strap to ensure it’s always close by. On the inside of the left fold-out flap, there’s space for four cards as well as a clear area for a photo of your favorite person (in case their face on the background of your phone isn’t enough).

arae phone case Courtesy of Amazon


18. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet 


Go total stealth mode with the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet. This sleeve is unique because of its extra tall pocket for complete coverage and the included RFID card sleeve, which works to protect you from identity theft. What’s more, the sleeve itself is super thin, so you can keep your phone in your pocket without worrying about it feeling out of place.

phone wallet card holder adhesive sleeve RFID elastic Courtesy of Amazon


19. Vibeside MagSafe Wallet Card Holder


If you’ve purchased the all-new iPhone 13, you’ll be familiar with its MagSafe feature. This innovative technology allows you to attach a variety of accessories to the back of the phone using magnets, including phone card holders. While Apple makes its own leather card holder, it’s rather pricey. That’s why we recommend the Vibeside MagSafe Wallet Card Holder. It uses the same magnetic attachment mechanism, but is made from vegan leather and boasts two pockets to hold four cards.

phone card holder vibeside Courtesy of Amazon


20. DesignTimeGNC Personalized Card Caddy Phone Wallet


This DesignTimeGNC Personalized Card Caddy Phone Wallet allows you to choose what the place you keep your cards looks like. Whether it’s your dog, your partner or your favorite TV character, simply send over your design for it to be hand-printed and hand-pressed into your very own personalized card holder. The card holder itself has enough space for storing two cards. Plus, to ensure you’re going to be happy with the finished product, a preview of the card caddy will be sent for your approval.

phone sleeve wallet card holder etsy Courtesy of Etsy


21. Sinjimoru Basic Cell Phone Wallet Stick-On


The Sinjimoru Basic Cell Phone Wallet Stick-On falls on the minimalist side of the scale, but still provides plenty of storage space. This compact phone addition is made from a stretchy fabric attached to a stiff, flat back. The fabric’s stretchiness is what gives the stick-on its large capacity, being able to hold up to five cards, or a few cards and some cash. It also comes with 3M adhesive tape already on it for easier installation while the thin design ensures it won’t inhibit any wireless charging. Furthermore, it’s available in 12 colors, backed by over 5,500 five-star ratings and works on all smartphone models, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22.

phone sleeve wallet card holder sinjimoru Courtesy of Amazon


22. ATRAING Galaxy S22 Ultra Case Wallet


If you’re looking for a way to protect your Galaxy S22 and store cards at the same time, this ATRAING Ultra Case Wallet can do the job. Built into the case outer, which is constructed from a tough PC Plastic, you’ll find a storage space large enough for two cards which are then kept out of sight by a sliding cover. The design also incorporates a raised bumper to protect your screen and features precise cutouts for all the necessary access points, including the cameras and S-pen storage hole. In addition, while the case is protective, it doesn’t inhibit wireless charging.

phone sleeve wallet card holder atraing Courtesy of Amazon


23. accessoriesInfluence Stick-On Wallet


By utilizing a button closure, this accessoriesInfluence Stick-On Wallet offers greater security to ensure stored cards can’t escape without you knowing. The silicone, slimline add-on, which is available in four colors, has enough space to accommodate several cards and arrives ready to be installed, with a 3M adhesive already attached. In addition, the closure flap’s smart design allows it to act as a handy stand when you fancy some hands-free media viewing.

phone sleeve wallet card holder accessoriesinfluence Courtesy of Etsy


24. Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet


This Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet uses magnets to deliver a user experience and level of convenience which is hard to beat. The case, which is designed to fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max, features a detachable storage space. When attached, a ModRails system and magnetic connection hold the wallet firmly in place while a built-in trapdoor offers easy access to the cards when required. Handily, the protective leather case doesn’t inhibit MagSafe charging, comes in six colors and is backed by a three-year warranty.

bellroy wallet card case iphone Courtesy of Bellroy


25. Skycase Stick-On Card Holder


One of the key ways to streamline what you carry is to choose multifunctional products. In this way, the Skycase Stick-On Card Holder is a great choice as it stores cards and cash, acts as a carry handle and folds out to create a multi-angle phone stand. The holder comes with a 3M adhesive backing and is made from durable faux leather which is both waterproof and antimicrobial. It’s compatible with a range of the latest smartphone models, including the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22.

phone sleeve wallet card holder skycase Courtesy of Amazon


26. SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet


If you always opt for maximum protection and want a card holder which can offer the same, we suggest you invest in this SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet. The slimline holder is made from a combination of non-toxic silicone and PC materials, resulting in a storage space that is high in elasticity but still feels secure in the hand. It’s also supplied with a partially attached 3M adhesive backing so it’s ready to fit your phone right out of the box. This impressively reviewed wallet is also compatible with smartphones sporting a screen larger than four inches, meaning it will work with all of the latest iPhone and Samsung models.

phone sleeve wallet card holder upcase Courtesy of Walmart


27. Washable Screen Cleaner Phone Card Holder


If your smartphone screen is always covered in smudges and having a cleaning cloth on hand would be beneficial, give this Washable Screen Cleaner Phone Card Holder a try. This compact phone addition has storage space for multiple cards and cash and comes in a number of different phone-specific models, including options for iPhones 12 and 13 as well as the Samsung S21 and Note 20. But what really makes it stand out from the crowd is the cover/screen cleaner which can be removed to clean your smartphone screen when it’s needed. Furthermore, this cleaning cloth comes in more than 50 colorful designs and is easily restored to a like-new state with a wash under the kitchen faucet.

phone sleeve wallet card holder washable screen Courtesy of Etsy


28. YUNCE Stick-On Wallet Cell Phone Slim Sleeve


The YUNCE Stick-On Wallet Cell Phone Slim Sleeve is another impressive option that offers users a range of functions. In addition to storing multiple cards and cash, this ultra-slim case includes a built-in ring that works both as a carrying loop and as a stand for your smartphone. It also features a button closure for greater security and is waterproof to provide more protection for your belongings. In addition, the premium leather sleeve is RFID blocking and comes in more than 10 eye-catching color options.

phone sleeve wallet card holder yunce Courtesy of Amazon


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