This Durable Samsonite Luggage Set Is a Must-Have For Family Vacations

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS

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* Coloring hides potential scratches your spinner might endure on long trip
* Material easily absorbs impact before returning to original shape
* Affordable spinner set that offers security, space and style

Family trips are never easy, but for the last 115 years or so, the good folks at Samsonite have more than done their part to make them manageable, by offering luggage that is secure, spacious and affordable. So it isn’t surprising to see that they’ve done it again. Introducing the Samsonite Luggage Winfield 3 Fashion HS Three-Piece Spinner Set, an affordable luggage set that offers versatility, a ton of packing room and contemporary style.

Each set comes with three lightweight, but sizable spinners of varying dimensions — 20,” 24″ and 28″ — effectively making it a one-shot deal to secure luggage for a three-person family. Each spinner features gorgeous paint-stroke coloring that not only makes it easy on the eyes, but prevents any potential scratches from standing out. You won’t have to worry about your basic black suitcase getting mixed up in the baggage claim either.Samsonite luggage Winfield 3 Piece Set

As stylish as they are durable, the spinners in Samsonite’s Luggage Winfield 3 Fashion HS set are made from 100 percent polycarbonate, a material that can absorb plenty of impact before forcing it out and returning to its original shape.

On the off-chance you need more space for your swimming suits and flip flops, the 24 and 28-inch spinners can expand for more storage capacity. What’s inside is just as important. Each spinner comes equipped with a zippable interior divider equipped with organizational pockets, so you don’t get disorganized in the rush of an eventful vacation.

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