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These Two Devices Will Help You Get a Better Sleep

* Compatible with iOS and Android devices
* Sleep patterns invisibly tracked by Sleep Pill that comes with the monitor
* Advanced sensors track how light, sound and more affect your rest

It’s said we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so why not optimize for the best rest possible? With the Sense Sleep System, you can do just that with its full range of sleeping and wake up functions.

Smartly designed to look like an artsy bedside objet, Sense comes in two parts — a modern-looking orb that sits close to your bed to monitor your environment, and the Sleep Pill, a coin-sized secondary monitor that tracks your sleep movements. The main monitor is equipped with sensors that measure everything from sound to air particles to humidity and temperature, giving you a clearer picture of potential sleep deterrents. The Sleep Pill, meantime, clips onto your pillow, assessing your movements during slumber. Both feed info to your iOS or Android device through the Sense app, where analysis of each night’s sleep can be accessed.

More than just a sleep monitor, Sense also acts as a sleep and wake up aid. Lull yourself into a slumber at night with a choice of calming, ambient sounds and wake up refreshed with its revolutionary Smart Alarm — a function that coaxes you awake during the lightest part of your sleep cycle for minimal grogginess. With such intuitive features, adding a Sense to your life probably won’t be something you’ll have to sleep on for long.

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