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Pack This Solar-Powered Lantern For Your Next Camping Trip

* Rechargeable solar-powered lantern with three handy settings
* Flatpack design makes storing or transporting your lantern easy
* Great for gardens, decks, hiking and camping trips

Say goodbye to the days of forgetting spare batteries or seeing only by the light of the moon with the SolarPuff rechargeable lantern. This eco-friendly outdoor tool requires nothing but the big old sun to operate. Packed inside this compact lantern is a built-in, fold-out solar panel that is capable of recharging in just over four hours of direct sunlight.

The lantern’s box shape allows it to be packed flat into a carry-friendly square that’s just 0.25 inches thin. This compact design also makes the SolarPuff easy to store when not in use and great for carrying in your camping pack. When ready to use, the smart lantern auto inflates without the use of additional pumps or mouth action to create its beautiful cube shape.

The lightweight SolarPuff also features the choice of three different lighting modes – low, high and flashing. The impressive light output can comfortably light a space of 100 square feet, while the tough, recycled PET construction makes it waterproof. You can rest assured that this lantern is built for outdoor use.

In addition, this environmentally friendly light is ideal for use in and around the house, too. Whether in the garden, garage or your tent, the SolarPuff will keep you out of the dark with its bright, entirely-renewable light source. And when you’re done, it packs neatly and cleanly away.

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