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People Are Using This $15 Mouth Tape To Help Them Stop Snoring

* Noninvasive mouth strips to help you stop snoring at night
* Enjoy a better night’s sleep by re-directing breathing through your nose
* 100% hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly

Sure, you might not mind your snoring, but your partner probably does. Instead of settling for those super expensive procedures or painful products, pacify your sleep the smart way with these handy night strips.

The SomniFix Sleep Strips help promote better sleeping habits by gently forcing you to breathe through your nose. Studies show that breathing through your nose helps promote blood oxygenation, which can instantly lead to more restful nights. It’s also found to reduce the occurrence of mouth and nasal congestion — letting you sleep easier without having to worry about the sniffles. Plus, it’s always better to sleep without having to worry about your snoring waking up the neighbors – either in the next room, or right next to you in bed.

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The specially-formulated adhesive makes placing and removing these strips a breeze. Simply remove the liner and place the tape firmly onto your lips. With a single vent to help allow minimal mouth breathing, you can rest easy knowing your sleep schedule is in good hands. These strips also help those who toss and turn at night, as they won’t peel off with motion.

100% hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, everything in this box (including the box itself) is recyclable. What’s more, these strips have been tested to make sure they don’t leave any residue or cause irritable skin – great for those with sensitive skin. If you (or your partner) has trouble sleeping at night, these handy strips could make a world of difference.


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