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The Jetsetter’s Guide: Everything You Need Before Your Next Trip

* Planning a trip? Read this guide first
* Discover durable luggage, portable chargers, anti-theft travel items and more
* Save space, time and money for a care-free vacation

Comfy travel pillow? Durable luggage? Space saving mini charger? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re planning an exciting road trip with friends, an exotic getaway with your significant other, or an extended business trip, we’ve rounded up our top travel stories to help  you save space, time, and money so you can enjoy your adventures without worry. Bon voyage!


Away Travel Luggage


Jay-Z’s investment in the year-and-a-half-old luggage line comes as no surprise to us, considering that each suitcase is materialized with the ideal balance of functional features and a sleek, ergonomic design. In addition to being lightweight and supremely durable, every suitcase also comes with some fun bonuses, including a built-in USB charging port and waterproof laundry bag.

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Lived-In Review: 5 Reasons Why Away Travel Is Our New Favorite Luggage Brand


Life-Changing Products For Frequent Fliers


Before you jump on your next flight, it may be time to upgrade a few of your travel essentials. After all, you can’t count on any airline to make your next flight a smooth or comfortable one anymore. These 7 products will make your next flight much less stressful, and they might just change the way you travel.

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Fly Away: 7 Life-Changing Products For Frequent Fliers


Travel Pillows Under $40


If you happen to have the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, it might be time to invest in a neck pillow. If you have trouble falling asleep, you’ll need a good pillow too. But we’re not talking about just any neck pillow. And certainly not your run-of-the-mill horseshoe-shaped travel pillow either. You deserve one that’s both unique and beneficial.

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Nice Necking: The 7 Most Comfortable Travel Pillows Under $40


Travel Chargers for International Jetsetters


Because different countries use different configurations and even different voltages in their standard wall sockets, keeping your devices charged and happy can easily become one of the biggest little frustrations in international travel. For those of us who travel overseas often, it really helps to have a selection of international adapters ready to grab and go (it’ll save you money and the headache of searching for the right adapters at the airport or hotel, too).

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SPY Guide: The 4 Best Travel Chargers for International Jetsetters


Splurge-Worthy Travel Products


Scott Fitzgerald, author of the The Great Gatsby, once said, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” And they are, especially when it comes to travel. They rent private jets and stay in fancy hotel suites, something most of us can’t afford. You can, however, find a deal on airfare and lodging, if you’re itching to splurge on travel accessories to fit in with the rich jetsetters. Here are 11 travel products we’ve determined are worth the splurge should you want to treat yourself to a taste of the good life.

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SPY Guide: 11 Travel Products Worth the Splurge


Anti-Theft Travel Items


There are few things worse than experiencing some form of theft, especially while you are away from home. Regardless of whether it’s a physical loss or having electronic ID and bank details taken, afternoons spent on the phone cancelling cards or re-purchasing what’s been taken are a living nightmare. The best way to prevent theft is being well prepared for what’s ahead. Aside from researching your travel destination and buying travel insurance, this selection of anti-theft wallets, bags and belts give you the best chance of avoiding such a vacation-ruining ordeal.

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Safe Stash: The 12 Best Anti-Theft Travel Items You Need for Your Next Trip


Trtl Travel Pillow


A good travel pillow that offers neck support goes a long way towards alleviating the fatigue of long-distance travel. But blending form and function in a way that doesn’t totally interfere with your packing can be a challenge. The trim and stylish soft neck support travel pillow from Trtl is a breeze to pack, while offering ergonomic support for your head and neck.

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Keep Your Chin Up With This First Class Travel Pillow


All-Weather Rolling Duffel


This sturdy and durable Patagonia Black Hole 40L Wheeled Duffel is a standout in the compact luggage category. Offering protection from the elements and a tough rolling shell to keep your travel gear snug and safe, it is also lightweight enough not to get in your way when rushing up the escalators to catch a flight.

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Travel In Any (And All) Conditions With This All-Weather Rolling Duffel


Lipstick-Sized Mini-Portable Charger


Who hasn’t experienced the bad luck combination of a device going low-battery while being nowhere near an electrical outlet? Well, here’s a way to solve the drained battery dilemma while also traveling light: Anker’s PowerCore+ ultra compact mini portable charger.

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Power Up While Traveling Light With This Lipstick-Sized Mini-Portable Charger


Small Travel Bags


Bag fees are ridiculous. First they took away our free checked bags, and now they’ve taken away free carry ons, too. Beat these extra charges by traveling light and packing only a “personal item.” Don’t start your trip with a downer. Get one of these small bags to give you peace of mind while providing plenty of carrying space.

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Keep Calm and Carry On: 6 Small Travel Bags That Qualify as Personal Items