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Wedding Day Countdown: Your 3-Month Beauty Guide

* Wedding season begins now through the end of fall
* If you’re a bride to be, start prepping now
* Here is a beauty timeline to get ready for the big day

Wedding season is in full swing through the fall. If you’re a bride to be, it’s a good time to start thinking about your regime 2-3 months ahead of the big day to ensure you look and feel your best, and to rule out any unexpected disasters. Here is your three month wedding prep guide to get you feeling confident and looking flawless before your wedding day.

3 Months Before:

Glycolic Peel: Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that works to clean out your pores by burning away trapped bacteria, dirt, oil and dead skin cells that leave can leave you break outs, uneven texture, and enlarged pores. Glycolic peels are one of the best ways improve your skin tone quickly, and they will also help instigate collagen production. But as with most high effective skincare treatments, Glycolic peals can be irritating to the skin, temporarily. You should do one per month, three months before your wedding day. For the final peel, make sure to give yourself two weeks of time in case redness or irritation decides to stick around.

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Start Taking Your Beauty Vitamins: In addition to your regular vitamin and supplement routine, try incorporating beauty vitamins to maximize your beauty potential from the inside out. HUM Nutrition has a whole line og beauty enhancing supplements that address outer beauty concerns like skin and nails but also address metabolism, increase energy, and aid in gut function. HUM’s best-selling Red Carpet Supplement promises you’ll have shinier hair, stronger nails and more luminous skin after just six weeks of use, with 95% satisfaction rate to back it up. Read, set, go!

Get Your Haircut & Color Done: The first rule of thumb? Do not decide to make a spontaneous and drastic change to your ‘do. Now, is not the time for experimentation and irreversible results if you just so happen to despise your new look. Even if you’re just going in for your usual, it’s still best to do this a few months in advance. If your roots need a slight touch up or your split ends need a trim closer to the wedding, you can go back in a month before. But for any slight variation in your look or a cut with more two inches of your ends, book three months in advance.

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2 Months Before:

Whiten Your Smile: If you prefer to go to the dentist for teeth whitening, do so about two months prior to the big day. You can easily maintain your brightened smile with an at-home teeth whitening kit. For maximum whitening, opt for an at-home kit that includes an LED mouth guard. These at-home treatment kits are highly effective and will help maintain your pearly white smile until the big day finally arrives.

Practice (and Perfect) Your Self Tan: We’ve all seen the tragic wedding day photos of brides who took the whole bronzed goddess thing way too far — and too soon. Sometimes a fake tan’s orange tinge is irremovable before your big day. To prevent this Oompa Loompa debacle (the white dress will really bring out those orange tones!) practice your self tanning method, and find the one you like, two months before your big day.

Because self tanner can last up to 10 days (depending on the method and type), even if you plan to get a custom spray tan done by a professional,  you will still want to test out different places, to make sure that you achieve a fool-proof bronze before your big day. And in case you need some pointers, check out our complete Self Tanning Guide here.


1 Month:

Use a Hair Color Gloss: Refresh your color and restore a healthy shine to your luscious locks, without any risk. A semi-permanent color gloss will restore luminosity and tone brassy undertones (for blondes and light brunettes) while conditioning hair. If you want to play it really safe, opt for a clear color, which will add shine and moisturize without depositing a wash of color.

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Get/do a facial: Have a facial done or do an at-home version and nothing else. Any other treatment to your skin could wind up in a reaction, irritation, and a whole slew of other unsightly mishaps that will only add to your presumably already heightened stress levels pre-wedding day. Take care to not over exfoliate the skin, use any chemical treatments, or try anything new.

Get a Manicure & Pedicure (2-3 days before): Depending on your manicure and pedicure preferences (i.e. gel, acrylic, polish) you want to get your nails and toes nice and pretty 2 or 3 days prior to the wedding day. For a longer lasting manicure, that will likely last you through your honeymoon, opt for a gel polish (note: there are some pretty salon-worth at home options on the market today for gel manicures). Otherwise, make sure to have a bottle of the exact color on hand in case an unexpected chip should arise.

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