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This Luxe PJ Set Will Have You Saying Goodbye to Worn Out Sweats

* Set includes long-sleeved shirt, pants, and custom zip case
* Loose and light for a drapey, relaxed fit
* Cut from lightweight, ultra-soft fabric imported from France

While many of us will spend a good amount of thought — and money — on the clothes we wear outside of the house, what we wear inside of it usually becomes an afterthought. More often than not, a threadbare tee or sweats that have seen better days becomes the look of choice when the only thing scheduled is a few hours of Netflix or watching the kids at home. But innerwear brand Negative Underwear is re-inspiring us to pay more attention to what we wear indoors with their luxuriously clean line of lingerie and sleepwear.

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Take, for instance, the label’s simple women’s pajama set seen here. Simple yet refined, the set consists of a drapey, slightly over-sized shirt and matching drawstring pants with jogger cuffs. Cut from soft and airy French jacquard, their relaxed fit provides all the comfort of those run-down sweats, but instead makes you look and feel infinitely more sophisticated — so much so that you’ll be tempted to wear the pieces out of the house too. Pair the breezy button-up with a favorite pair of jeans or add a silky top to the pants for an casual, outdoor excursion.

The designers at Negative Underwear have also made sure that caring for your new, elevated night-in outfit is just as easy as how it wears. While the fabric looks delicate, it’s actually machine washable, and can even be thrown in the dryer at low heat. No one wants to have to dry clean their pajamas, right?

Upgrade your lounge-wear for this dreamy set that will leave you looking clean and fresh whether in or outdoors. Now, there’s no excuse to keep wearing that old college tee with the armpit holes. Seriously.

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