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Adult Up Your Living Room With 30 Pieces of Trendy Living Room Wall Art

There’s nothing like large swaths of blank walls in a home to make it feel unlived in.

Maybe you’ve just moved into a bigger apartment. Maybe you just moved in with your partner and they’ve vetoed all of your old college posters — either way, you’ve got some blindingly white walls and need some living room art ideas.

We know that buying artwork as an adult can feel overwhelming. The artworld is one of sophistication, occasional stuffiness, and let’s be honest — large price tags. Knowing which prints to buy, how much to spend and where to even find artwork for living rooms can feel impossible. Suddenly a simple task — choosing the best art prints for your living room decor— feels impossible.

Instead of hunting around flea markets or buying huge posters that, let’s be honest, make an adult apartment feel like a dorm room, we’ve gathered some great looking art prints, photographs and wall art that will seriously upgrade your living room decor. In fact, from the living room to the bedroom, these tasteful prints are the perfect addition to any room in your home.

We’ve got living room wall art ideas in a variety of aesthetics. Better yet, many of the prints below come ready to hang with equipment included or already installed. Oh, and you can get them all for around or under $100. So keep reading for the best living room art from a variety of online sources.