Embrace Your Love for All Things Baby Yoda With The Best Merch From Every Corner of the Galaxy

Best baby yoda merch
Courtesy of Disney
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The Child (commonly referred to as Baby Yoda) has become one of the biggest internet sensations of the past few years — and for good reason, just look at him!

The little guy appeared in the new Disney+ Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, and instantly won over our hearts with his wide-eyed stare, and big floppy ears. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Baby Yoda’ is actually not a young version of the Jedi sage, but a separate character of the same alien species. Along with the show’s lead, the Mandalorian, The Child is the only character to appear in all 8 episodes of the show’s much-loved first season.

Since his reveal in the series premiere, the internet has fallen in love with The Child and dubbed him Baby Yoda. Since then, he’s been used in countless memes and traveled to nearly every part of the internet thanks to his undeniable cuteness. Fun fact: The Child is a puppet — not CGI — thanks to film legend and Mandalorian guest-star Werner Herzog. He insisted on Baby Yoda being a puppet and even called the showrunners “cowards” for thinking otherwise.

Now that The Child has blown up online, you can find some great merchandise to bring Baby Yoda to life. Check out some of our favorite pieces below.