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These Elegant Birdbaths Will Class Up Your Backyard While Saving Wildlife

If you’re a nature lover and have an outdoor space, investing in a birdbath is a no-brainer. Water is the key ingredient to welcoming your feathered friends, encouraging all species to flock to your backyard. Water helps keep birds hydrated, and also gives them a place to bathe and preen. Do Mother Nature a service and give these creatures a place to get a drink and shake loose dust, debris, and parasites from their plumage. 

Doing so isn’t just good for wildlife — having a water feature is a naturally soothing way to de-stress and boost your mood. Connecting with nature through birds can also have positive mental health effects.

There are several different birdbath styles to choose from. Pedestals are freestanding and usually go up to three or four feet above the ground, grounded by a post and featuring an elevated basin. Dishes, on the other hand, are shallow bowls or saucers that can be hung or mounted, which is ideal for outdoor spaces. These models are also versatile to use as feeders if desired. If your bath doesn’t feature moving or flowing water, it’s important to clean your bowl frequently, which will attract more birds. 

Although these birdie thirst-quenchers are so much more than a lawn ornament, appearance does play a big factor. Let us help guide you towards the ultimate birdbath for your space, from fancier options to more practical styles that won’t break the bank.