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We Burn for the 26 Best Candle Gifts

The past few years have been all about self-care. While we don’t always have time to take a warm bath or go for a long walk, it only takes a few moments to strike a match and light a candle. The warm glow of your favorite candle, as it fills your space with its scent, is instantly relaxing.

That’s one of the many reasons candle gifts make the best gifts, whether you opt to give one solo or a candle gift set. What’s the one thing that works equally well for a birthday gift, hostess gift, Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift and practically any other occasion you can think of? A candle, of course. Who doesn’t love a candle? And just like how there’s a candle for every occasion, there’s also an option for every taste and budget. That’s why candle gifts are the best gifts.

If you have a big occasion to celebrate, you can always make a candle part of a DIY gift basket. Pair it with a book to please the avid reader in your life, a bottle of wine or a set of bath bombs for the ultimate self-care moment. To avoid last-minute gift shopping, it’s a good idea to have a candle or two stockpiled for when you need a gift. The best ones do double duty as a touch of decor and fragrance for your home.

How to Choose a Scent for a Candle Gift

One of the most challenging parts of picking out a candle to give as a gift is choosing the scent. After all, the scents we like and dislike are highly personal. So, here’s a brief guide to selecting a scent they’ll enjoy:

  • The best way to choose a scented candle for someone is to actually know which scents they enjoy. In some cases this will be easier than others, but you should probably know which scents your parents, your partner and your children like most. If you don’t, you can always surreptitiously ask them.
  • If the gift is for a holiday, opt for a seasonal one to play up pumpkin spice time or pine tree everything.
  • If the gift is for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you might choose something like an ocean breeze to fake a getaway or a romantic scent for date night.
  • But if the above doesn’t apply, and you don’t feel comfortable asking the recipient which scents they like, you can always try to remember how their home or their preferred perfume or cologne smells. If it’s musky or sweet, that will give you a hint as to which candle scents they might enjoy.
  • Failing everything else, scientists have recently discovered five scents that are enjoyed almost universally. Those are: lime, grapefruit, bergamot, orange and peppermint. Home interior experts also suggest that vanilla and jasmine are neutral, well-liked options.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best candle gifts to give this year.