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We Love These Rugs: 30+ Colorful Rugs That Will Brighten Up Any Room in Your House

Decorating your home and interior design are two skill sets one must hone over years of living with, purchasing, arranging and rearranging furniture. A room can look good with a minimal amount of effort, but it can look significantly better with just a few well-informed, minor adjustments. There are a number of tried-and-tested strategies to home interior design which never fail — displaying green indoor plants near wooden accents, ensuring all pictures on walls are framed and placing one of the best colorful rugs over empty floor space can all go a long way in tying a room together. Read on to discover how a colorful rug can instantly brighten up a space, in addition to providing warmth, comfort and a decorative glow.

The right colorful area rug can add a much-needed pop of color to a neutral space, or further boost a room’s existing color scheme. In terms of when to add one, area rugs for living spaces are often best left until the end as this allows you to choose the rug which offers the right balance, color mix and impact to best suit your space.

Aside from improving the general appearance of any living space, there are a number of other benefits adding a colorful rug can offer. These include:

  • Atmosphere – You may find that you had a certain feel in mind for a room in the house which isn’t quite there yet. A colorful rug could be the answer, as it’s known that people respond to colors, so much so that they can affect our emotional state. For example, yellow is linked to happiness and blue is linked to a calming environment. By targeting certain colors, it’s possible for colorful rugs to bring a sense of happiness and positivity to a room.
  • Eye Catchiness – We live in a world which is full of color. With even most newspapers having color pages these days. This means it’s rare to see things which are truly black and white alone. But this isn’t by chance, as the truth is that color makes things more interesting. So no matter whether it’s a car, a watch, a new t-shirt or a new rug, if you want it to catch people’s eye, make it colorful!
  • Comfort – In addition to the visual element, adding one of the best colorful rugs to your home can offer greater under-foot comfort. Rugs also put a physical barrier between your feet and potentially cold floors which is especially pleasant if you like to walk around with bare feet.

From old school shag to bright, modern takes on the classic oriental designs, there’s a size and a style of colorful rug to suit every kind of home interior. Some are better for taking center stage and setting the tone for an entire room while others are better suited to a role as a sidekick. So if you’ve got a room that needs bringing back to life, a kid decorating a dorm room or just want to warm up your hardwood floors for winter — grab one of the best colorful rugs and you’ll be in business.