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The 16 Best Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

So you have a friend, sibling, son or daughter who loves music, huh? If so, you know picking out a gift for them is incredibly challenging. Somehow, everything you pick is “lame” or “not cool anymore,” despite your best efforts. Gifts for music lovers never really fall into your lap the way you’d like them to.

Lucky for you, we work with a TON of music snobs. Which is to say, regardless of what music is trending on the charts at the moment, we’re confident that all of our music gift ideas will go over well. From the must-watch movie Almost Famous to an impossibly in-depth book on Bob Dylan, and all the best Bluetooth speakers and headphones on the market, the best gifts for music lovers are sure to strike a chord. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but do you really want to give them something they’ll never use? We didn’t think so.

Whether they prefer digital or analog, over-the-ear or earbuds, there’s a gift for every music lover on our list. Take a look at the best music gift ideas below and thank us later.