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The 21 Best High School Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2021, Who’s Been Through A Lot

Graduating from high school is a pretty big deal. It marks leaving childhood behind and entering the real world. Unfortunately, the Class of 2021 is graduating under a bit of a cloud, as young people have faced a lot of challenges recently. Many schools have had a combination of in-person and remote classes due to the coronavirus. Even schools that stayed in session have been forced to cancel school events such as prom, robbing teens of the chance to celebrate important rites of passage with friends and family. On top of all that, kids face an uncertain future and a world in turmoil as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

For all these reasons, finding the perfect high school graduation gift is more important than ever right now. You may think you have to spend hundreds of dollars to find gifts that teens will like, but some of the best gifts for teens aren’t that expensive. Some of our favorite gift ideas for high school grads cost as little as $20.

To help the newly minted high school grads in your life get a head start on adulting, give them one of the best high school graduation gifts. Of course, cash is always a welcome option, but it’s nice to celebrate what they accomplished over the last four years — and what’s to come — with something more personal. Whether they’re heading off to college or starting their first big job, these gift ideas will help carry them through the next chapter of their life.

Show them how much you care with one of the best high school graduation gifts.