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The Most Timeless Mid-Century Modern Furniture Pieces You Need In Your Home

Mid-century modern furniture dates back to decades ago, but it always has a timeless and streamlined design that has stayed steadfast up until 2021. This iconic aesthetic elevates any room with an effortless sense of design that feels both familiar and contemporary.

The style dates back to post-WWII times in the 1930s, growing out of early-20th-century Modernism. It remained popular until approximately 1965. Designers like Arne Jacobson and George Nelson helped coin the movement, which was defined by clean, simple lines with memorable details and organic influences. It has a place in the home of minimalists and maximalists alike, with a distinct Mad Men-inspired swagger that’s pleasing to the eye. 

Unlike dated furniture fads, this versatile style has persevered throughout the years and will continue to remain coveted as time goes on. That being said, there are endless options to choose from online. Narrowing your choices down while ensuring your mid-century pieces are high quality can be exhausting, which is why we scoured the web for the ultimate curation of new and vintage mid-century modern furniture to fit into your home. Get to know this chic yet functional style for all kinds of budgets.