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Puzzle Person? Here Are Some Great Puzzles for Adults Which’ll Feel Like Time Well Spent

Like watching baseball or going to the movies, doing jigsaw puzzles is a popular American pastime — and it’s easy to see why. The best puzzles are pleasing to the eye, challenging for the mind and just as enjoyable to do solo as they are when tackled by a group. They can also be raced through or completed at a gentler, one-piece-at-a-time pace. But no matter what it is that appeals to you, few people can deny the genuine appeal of a good jigsaw puzzle. That’s why we put this list of great puzzles for adults together.

Another great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or away on vacation, as long as you have a flat surface to work on, such as a stylish coffee table, you’re good to go. Plus, after completing a puzzle, you’re left with an eye-catching picture to enjoy. This is before you have to make the difficult decision of whether to break it down, store it in its completed form or glue it together and transform it into a piece of wall art.

The Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

If you have spent any time doing puzzles in the past, it’s likely you’ve already experienced some of the benefits and pleasant feelings that a peaceful puzzling session can involve. It’s also probably no surprise to to hear that the simple act of doing puzzles can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Completing (or even just attempting to complete) a puzzle has been credited with a number of health benefits. These include:

  • Lowering Stress Levels – While there may be some moments of frustration, the reality is that doing puzzles is a pretty relaxing activity. This makes it ideal for managing and reducing stress levels. If you struggle slipping into a meditative state but want help lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, it may be time to pick up a puzzle.
  • Increasing Collaboration – Doing puzzles with family, friends, partners or even coworkers can actually improve relations and improve the ability to cooperate at the same time. 
  • Improving Memory – Remember where that piece is which fits perfectly into that space you’ve just seen? Well, it’s that kind of recall which trains, maintains and improves your short-term memory.
  • Elevating Mood – Time spent puzzling can result in a boost in dopamine production. This results in a feel-good factor which will brighten your day and have you coming back for more before you know it.
  • Improving Attention to Detail – There are often several different pieces which look like they can fit into a single space. For this reason, paying attention to similar patterns, colors and inter-lockable shapes is essential when it comes to puzzling success.
  • Increasing Productivity – One result of being less stressed out, happier and better at remembering things is that productivity increases. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or at work, this can only be a good thing.

In addition, while manufacturers do make jigsaw puzzles for all different ages, we’re here to focus on the range of puzzles specifically designed for adults. These puzzles tend to have more pieces, more intricate pictures or patterns and sometimes feature designs which are so monochromatic you may have to build from the shape of the puzzle alone, rather than using any surrounding colors for aid.

Take a journey through a colorful New Yorker cover, a tranquil gradient design and even a color-changing circular puzzle with the best puzzles for adults listed below. Whether you’re looking for one of the best brain exercises or just want a great gift idea for a puzzle-loving friend or family member, one of these top-rated jigsaw puzzles should do the trick.