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The Best Removable Wallpaper — Because We’re All a Little Indecisive Sometimes

Imagine spending hours installing new wallpaper in your home only to finish the job and realize something — you hate it. But what went wrong? You loved the sample, and the design is made up of colors you like. Yet when it’s surrounding you from all angles, it’s the opposite of what you want. This potential nightmare is enough of a deterrent that many budding DIYers shy away from wallpaper altogether. However, the best removable wallpaper turns everything on its head. Read on to find out why this new home decor option will ease any concerns you may have.

What Is Removal Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper is now a thing, and it’s glorious. This peel-and-stick, removable technology is as good as it sounds. On arrival, these patches, rolls or decals are ready to be applied right to your walls. What’s even better is that if you put something on your walls and decide the aesthetic isn’t what you were picturing, removing it is no problem. All in all, the best removal wallpaper is a brilliant tool for new interior designers still getting their feet wet in the world of “that brass drawer handle goes with those wooden accents perfectly” and learning the ins and outs of which design is actually going to work in your afternoon-lit guest bedroom, living room or entryway.

The Benefits of the Best Removable Wallpaper

There are numerous reasons to choose the best removable wallpaper over the more traditional, paste-applied wallpaper. Not only is it easier to install, but it is also more forgiving and a viable option for temporary conversions. Here is a roundup of the major reasons to choose the best peel-and-stick wallpaper.

  • Easily Installed & Removed – Compared to the process of installing the stuck-on-with-paste kind, which can be painful and riddled with potential problems, installing temporary wallpaper is a cinch. Not only is it as simple as peeling the back away and sticking it to the walls, but when the time comes to remove it, the process is equally as simple.
  • Ideal for Quick/Temporary Changes – If you’re renting your home or just looking for a short-term change that is easily removed once its purpose has been served, removable wallpaper is your answer once again. A major benefit of the best removable wallpaper is that it doesn’t damage the surface underneath, meaning you don’t need to fret if you’re using it in a temporary place such as a dorm or rental home.
  • Budget-Friendly – If you’re looking to transform a single accent wall, create a mural or level up a decor piece in your home, the best removable wallpaper is a great way to go. You can usually buy it in rolls or per feet amounts, allowing you to be specific about how much you need to get the job done. However, be aware that covering larger areas may add up.
  • Wide Range of Designs – As removable wallpaper’s popularity skyrockets, more and more companies are jumping on board and producing their own unique prints and styles. This includes style leaders like Marimekko and a number of other household names. If you can dream it, there’s likely a removable wallpaper style to fulfill your desires.
  • Delivered to Your Door – As with any online shopping, once you have made your choice and purchased it, your wallpaper will appear at your front door not long after. So long as your surfaces are ready to receive your peel-and-stick paper, installation can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours after it arrives at your home.

Thankfully, whatever removable wallpaper you choose, you’ll be able to change your mind and switch things out without any difficulty. Below you’ll find our favorite choices for the best removable wallpaper available online. Hopefully, these attractive designs will be enough motivation to finally redo that room you’ve been putting off for so long.