The Best Removable Wallpaper — Because We’re All a Little Indecisive

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Courtesy of Wayfair
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Let’s say you spend hours upon hours installing wallpaper in your den or guest bathroom only to reach the end and realize something very disheartening — you hate it.

What went wrong?! You thought you liked it in the sample, the design is made up of colors you tend to enjoy in your life and yet when it’s suddenly surrounding you from all angles it’s the opposite of what you want. This is the interior design nightmare scenario that leads so many budding DIYers to shy away from using wallpaper altogether. It’s the tattoo of the home improvement world — the perceived permanence of it turns people away from all of the potential benefits of a super cool design, until now.

Removable wallpaper is a thing, and it’s glorious. These peel-and-stick removable wallpaper sheets are high-quality and ready to apply to your wall right out of the package. The brilliant part? If you get a sheet up on the wall and the aesthetic is not what you were picturing, you can peel it right back off like nothing ever happened.

It’s a brilliant tool for new interior designers still getting their feet wet in the world of “that brass drawer handle goes with those wooden accents perfectly” and learning the ins and outs of which design is actually going to work in your afternoon-lit guest bedroom. Thankfully, any of these removable wallpaper choices are perfect for changing your mind and switching things out with ease.

Here are some of the best removable wallpaper designs for redoing that room in your house without getting stuck with a design you don’t actually like.