Our Resident Running Expert Ranks the Best Running Shoes to Buy in 2021

best running shoes for men
Courtesy of @hokaoneone
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Whether you’re trying to stay fit under quarantine, or just because you love to do it, a lot more people are running right now. Thanks to COVID-19, gyms and workout studios across the country are closed, which has forced many Americans to find new ways to exercise. And if you’re tired of working out inside (and we don’t blame you), running offers a solitary way to burn calories while also getting out into the world.

There are countless benefits to running. From the fabled “runner’s high” and staying fit, to exploring never-before-seen parts of your neighborhood and getting time away from the world of screens, there is so much that you can get out of running. In fact, this sport has inspired many a creative. But if you want to taste the sweet, sweet nectar of the running gods, you can’t do it without a proper pair of running shoes.

So what are the best running shoes for men? Well, that depends on a few factors. For one, what kind of runner are you? If you’re new and your runs will likely top out at only a few miles per day, you can afford to go for a shoe with less support. On the flip side, if you’re regularly crushing 10 milers, you’ll want men’s running shoes with a thick sole that can cushion your knees from all that pavement pounding.

Before you dive into our list, consider a few more technical factors as well:

All of these questions will help determine the best running shoes for your needs. And in an effort to help whittle things down even further, we compiled a list of the top running shoes available right now. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re going for your next personal record in the marathon, or you’re just trying to make it around the block.