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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth for Sour Candy? These Are the Best Sour Candies Out There

Sour candies may be a bit masochistic, but they’re also a whole lot delicious. And with Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to gather all of our favorite sour candies into one place.

The SPY team has a couple of sour candy-obsessed editors, and so we asked them to pucker up and help us find the very best sour candy for Halloween or any occasion.

If you just love the feeling of a sour treat and crave it more than sweet, then you’re speaking our language. We can’t stop tasting and trying every spectrum of sour, from the more muted sourness of a Sweet + Sour Skittle to the insufferable sourness of Warheads, and everything in between. Depending on your taste buds, we have 29 different sour candies we’d recommend tasting that are all available to shop online.

These sour candies also double as some of the best Halloween candy, so you might as well stock up! Meaning, put one of each in your cart and then come back and tell us which sour candy wins out overall once you’ve tasted your way through the list. (Oh, and while you’re adding these to cart, add some toothpaste to go right along with ’em…)

Below, you’ll find the best treat from our favorite sour candy brands, from classics like Sour Patch Kids and Skittles to lesser-known options you haven’t tried yet.

Did we miss anything? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll be sure to add your favorite to the list.