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The Wine Glass You Use Matters, So Here Are The 13 Best Options

Much like the mug you use for your morning cup of coffee, or the pint glass you employ when enjoying a beer with friends, the vessel in which you choose to drink wine can play a significant role in the enjoyment of your beverage. If anything, your choice of wine glass is even more important, because, more often than not, you’re likely drinking with company. For this reason, it’s worth the time to pick out the best wine glasses available.

Whether it’s chilling out on a Friday night with colleagues or hosting a dinner party for family and friends, the wine glasses you provide your guests can tell them a lot about you. It’s also important to remember that some of your choice will also come down to the type of wine you enjoy most or whether your home is suited to more stable, stemless glasses.

Below you’ll find a selection of the 13 best wine glasses available. We’ve included styles for all types of wine lovers. You’ll find options for red and white as well as a number of decorative and stemless styles (including a wooden option!) to complete the wide array of drinking vessels.