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Strut Your Mutt: Make Your Dog the Cutest on the Block With These Adorable Dog Collars

Dogs are the best. They’re the perfect best friend — cute, cuddly, attentive and always there when you need them. Dogs don’t need much — some food, a comfortable bed to sleep in at night and a collar to rock that shows off their personality, style and contains useful information if they ever get lost.

Sure you could go with your classic fabric collar that’ll do the job just fine and hold the tags with your address and phone number on them. Or, you could go for something a little more daring. Something that makes a bold statement both about your dog’s unique personality and your love for them as a member of your family.

These cute dog collars send the exact message you want them to, and will suit any pooch looking to mix it up a little on their walk around the neighborhood. We’ve gathered dog collars for big dogs, collars for small dogs, floral dog collars and rugged, durable designs for the canine that likes to test their limits.

When it comes to cute dog collars, we’ve gathered our favorites. Take your dog’s style to the next level with one of these fashionable and functional collars that send just the right message about the wearer themselves, as well as the owner attached to the leash.